Environmentalists Honor Ward Stone

ALBANY: The October Save the Pine Bush dinner at the First Presbyterian Church was the setting for the birthday party in honor of Ward Stone. The party was a great success. The hall was packed full.

We all agreed that the environmental community couldn’t get along without Ward.

Speakers included Elise Griffin, Elise Kunz, Tom Porter, Tom Ellis of Citizens’ Envrionment Coalition, Rennie Sanges, Laura Haight, Brian Bush, Kelly Travers-Main, Lynne Jackson, Peter Nye, Rezsin Adams, Anne Rabe, a message from Joe Brucha and, of course, Ward Stone himself. It was a great evening and a great tribute to Ward Stone who has done so much.

As Laura Haight remarked, Ward may be “re- tiring”, but that just means he is putting new tires on his car so that he can continue his drive to fight for preservation of our environment!

The party concluded with activists taking the stage with Anne Rabe as she presented Ward Stone with a plaque that said; “NY’s Environmental Superman” – from NY’s grassroots environmental movement”


Published in November/December Newsletter 2010