Pine Bush Parcels Project

by Andy Arthur

About a month ago, I started working on a project for Save the Pine Bush, working to compile a updated list of parcels in the Albany Pine Bush that would be highly desirable for future conservation by the Pine Bush Commission. I met with long-time Save the Pine Bush volunteer, John Wolcott, to find out which parcels where worth saving.

He came up with about 500 acres of land he felt highly desirable, about half of which immediate threat of development.

I have been studying arterial photos, topographic and tax maps. I also received copies of the tax rolls from Guilderland, Colonie, and Albany. I am working on compiling a list explaining the benefits of adding various parcels to preserve. I also am compiling a list of ownership of property, taxes paid, and it’s assessed value. I hope to create a detailed list similar to the “Save the Pine Bush Conservation Plan” that Save the Pine Bush created almost 20 years ago. We need to make it clear to the Pine Bush Commission, we want more lands preserved, and not just expensive kiosks and decorations.

We need your help! If you about know about unique and undeveloped lands around the Pine Bush that should remain wild for future years, please call me at 281-9873 or email Personal stories and experiences are most helpful, along with any assistance you can give in researching these important lands. Thank you!






Published in March/April 2011 Newsletter