Equinox – Earth Day – Every Day

by John Wolcott


Join us in celebrating the approximate original time for Earth Day. Earth Day was proposed in San Francisco in 1969, at a UNESCO Conference by John McConnell, who felt this natural event was appropriate for the occasion. It was also appropriate that Earth Day was first celebrated the next year, 1970 by the City of San Francisco named after the Saint whom many consider the Patron of the environment. The U.N. followed the example of San Francisco and has been observing Earth Day on the Equinox every year by ringing it’s Peace Bell donated by Japan. The U.N. of late has also been participating in the Earth Day founded on April 22, 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson. He felt that the Equinox was subject to be a little chilly for outdoor events. But that’s less and less true now due to global warming. I think we should observe Earth day on the nearest Saturday to March 21, The actual Equinox, and emphasize global warming. In 2009, the U.N. designated April 22 as Mother Earth Day and so now observes two Earth Days and there’s no reason why we can’t either. Like Christmas we shouldn’t limit love, kindness, generosity, and help to the needy to one day. So with Earth Day we need all year to act and speak out for our concern for the earth and the ways it sustains everyone’s lives and the more so if it’s treated better and understood better. Two things I’d like to here, set straight:

Stop calling the original Earth Day: “The Spring Equinox Earth Day“  It smacks of geo centricity which can be as bad as and perhaps mirror ethno-centricity and the chron-centricity by which we ignore the mistakes of the past and fail to learn positive lessons from it. And disrespect the built environment of the past.

The other thing I wish to set straight on this occasion is that protecting our environment from climate change and major pollution problems and loss of natural areas is seeking true “Homeland Security “ since the earth is, broadly speaking, our true homeland and “our“ means everybody on our homeland.

For those who can’t drive or don’t wish to, call the information number at 465-8930 and we will seek to arrange a ride.

The Equinox Hike on March 24 is free and open to the public!




Published in March/April, 2012 Save the Pine Bush Newsletter