Ward Stone Speaks at November 2015 Save the Pine Bush Dinner

On December 16, 2015, Ward Stone, former NYS Wildlife Pathologist, spoke at the dinner.

The recording is very clear with Ward’s strong voice. There are a few rattles because the podium wobbled a bit.

Click here to listen!

Ward began his speech by commenting on the Republican debate:

“I spent a very environmental evening last night, watching the Republicans I could not help when I saw them, when I heard them. . . . we had the governor of Ohio mentioning that they should not have been talking about the climate over there, they should have been talking about ISIS.

“And, I could not help but thinking when I saw them, and heard them, and you talked about recruiting for ISIS, there was a recruiting station going all over the world with that [Republican] debate, which was no debate at all.”

Published in December 2015/January 2016
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