Save the Pine Bush — Addressing Climate Change

by Mark Schaeffer


Save the Pine Bush will launch a series of programs on the climate crisis and practical solutions at our September 21 meeting. That meeting will include a discussion of NYRenews (, a new statewide coalition devoted to a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy, environmental justice, and creating large numbers of new living wage jobs in the clean energy economy.

Expanding beyond the usual environmental suspects, such as, Alliance for a Green Economy, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Environmental Advocates, Peoples Climate Movement and Sierra Club, the NY Renews coalition includes New York branches of such major unions as the Service Employees (SSEU), Communication Workers (CWA), Nurses (NYSNA), Teachers (NYSUT), Teamsters and Auto Workers (UAW); community organizations from PUSH Buffalo to the Long Island Progressive Coalition, including ALIGN, Citizen Action of NY, Community Voices Heard, El Puente, Make the Road NY, NY Working Families, Syracuse United Neighbors, UPROSE, and environmental justice groups including NYC Environmental Justice Alliance and WE ACT.

NYRenews points of unity

1. We seek a sustainable future for the earth and its people… all people have a right to live and make a living on a living planet.

2. Climate change represents a serious threat to all and especially to vulnerable people such as workers, people of color, seniors, youth, and the poor. Governments at all levels need to act now.

3. Unchecked corporate power jeopardizes a sustainable future. We support democratic and public control of the energy and finance sectors …

4. We can address both the climate crisis and the inequality crisis with the same set of policies.

5. We support rapid movement toward 100% clean renewable energy.

6. Climate protection must serve as a means to greater economic justice and stronger local economies. The jobs created by climate protection must be good jobs that respect workers’ right to organize. Jobs must be open and accessible to those who have been excluded from and discriminated against

7. Climate protection must challenge environmental and racial injustice. We prioritize climate-vulnerable frontline communities and energy-insecure communities.

8. Workers employed in carbon-intensive industries should be guaranteed work in new industries and be provided strong social safety net benefits.

9. We must ensure community participation and oversight in decision making.




Published in September/August 2016
Save the Pine Bush Newsletter