PAUSE Corrects the Record on the Bank Protest

Contrary to the comments made by individuals who know not of what they speak, the TD Bank Protest event on February 23rd did not happen as reported by the TU Staff writer.

There were a good 25 enthusiastic supporters at the TD Bank protest, but only those trained in Non Violent Civil Disobedience went inside the bank. Those who did not wish to be arrested left as requested by the police officers when they arrived.

The incident with the officer allegedly being hurt was due to a slippery floor and handcuffs not being attached correctly. No one resisted arrest, no one was assaulted. I was there so I know what actually happened. It is unfortunate that this was reported in this fashion, but that is unfortunately because no one reads news unless there is drama.

Protests are a fundamental right of the citizens of a democratic government. Without protests, the government ceases to be a democracy.

Remember this a government OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people. We are very fortunate to have an excellent Acting Police Chief who understands the importance of our First Amendments rights. This was an act of deliberate civil disobedience. The two who gave of themselves to be arrested and spend a night in jail are caring, socially responsible individuals who are willing to stick their necks out to force Corporate America and our Government to do what is right.

Thank you Craig and Betty. Job well done! These pipelines are a cancer to this planet and must be stopped. Water is Sacred. We need many more people as dedicated to social change as these two upstanding indivudals are.

Divest from Fossil Banks Funding Pipelines:

The brave and dedicated water protectors at Standing Rock have said this is “Just the beginning”.

They have let us know that the best thing that all of us can do is to Let our Money Talk. If you have accounts with TD Bank, Wells Fargo, CitiBank, Bank of America and ING, Please consider closing those accounts and opening them in local banks and credit unions which invest in our local communities. This includes changing credit cards away from the big name banks: Chase, American Express, Bank of America.

Credit Unions and local banks have their own credit cards: Adirondack Trust, Berkshire Bank, Trustco Bank which do not fund their profits into fossil fuel projects. Also your investment portfolio can be diversified into socially responsible accounts which do very well and do NOT invest in the fossil fuel industry. Ask your financial advisor about these funds. If they do not advise you to change from traditional investments, change to one who will. I have a small account with Financial Engineers and my adviser is wonderfully receptive and helpful and my investments are doing very well in socially responsible funds.

PAUSE has been organizing TD Bank protests once a month since December at the 125 State Street TD Bank.

Another way you can help is to go to these banks and talk to them. Tell them you are considering their bank for your money and want to know what projects they fund, are they socially responsible and do they fund the DAPL or Keystone or any other pipeline projects. If we all do this, they will get the message loud and clear. Our current administration obviously has no interest in protecting our clean water and air, so we must prevent the companies who are supporting these projects by not giving them the money to fund them and by publicly pressuring them to do what is right for the Water PRotectors and this planet. Check for event information and to join us.



Published in March/April 2017 Newsletter
Save the Pine Bush Newsletter