Landfill Committee forming

by Diana Wright

Given the plight of the Albany City Landfill and the dismaying information gathered at the 3 forums held by the City last month, PAUSE would like to form a committee to address the landfill dilemma looming over us. We had a preliminary meeting on July 6 to  see what kind of interest there is and it was decided that we would like to work with other local groups to devise a plan which would provide a positive economic, environmental and community solution to a problem many municipalities are currently facing, or will be in the near future.

We create too much trash. And of that which we create, a disproportionate amount of it ends up in landfills that should be recycled, composted or simply reused. There seems to be a intentional decision to NOT compost because they City WANTS to create methane to sell as an income making bi-product of the landfill. However, that system is not being managed efficiently, nor is it necessarily the best option for organic waste. Our recycling program is not being utilized by too many residents, especially tenants. Our City ordinances regarding styrofoam and plastic bags is non-existent. There is a LOT of room for improvement. With the only solution being considered by the City, a proposed transfer station, which will transfer our trash to other communities hundreds of miles away in diesel trucks, it is imperative they have an alternate plan presented to them. Sooner than later.

If you are interested in being part of this committee, please provide either myself or Tim Truscott with your contact information so you can be part of the planning group. Please invite any other groups or individuals who are interested in this project to participate.

Other PAUSE activities: Please check our website: PAUSEnergy and FB page for  other events such as flyering State workers to divest the pension from fossil fuels; a planned carbon forum in the Fall sponsored by our Legislative Committee, which is meeting this Tuesday at 5 at Citizen Action; and all are welcome and encouraged to come to our regular PAUSE meetings the 1st thursdays at 5:30 at Citizen Action, and prior to the Save the Pine Bush Dinner at Westminster Church, also at 5:30.

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Published in August/September 2017 Newsletter
Save the Pine Bush Newsletter