Action Alert!
Call your Common Council Member- Ask to Vote No on Touhey Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!


Action Alert!

Call your Common Council Member
– Ask to Vote No on Touhey

Charles Touhey is back with his proposal to construct an office complex in the Pine Bush. So far, Save the Pine Bush has sucessfully stopped Mr. Touhey from building his offices since 1988. We hope to make it permanent!

The Common Council will vote soon on this Pine Bush proposal. Your calls made all of the difference in the world for the Drumlin Fields proposal; six Common Council members voted against it. Unfortunately, we needed one more vote to defeat Drumlin Fields, but it was your calls which resulted in the six votes.

Please call. This 12-parcel in the Pine Bush is important. It is adjacent to land already owne by the State and set aside as Preserve. The Preserve is small enough already, and does not need another office complex for a neighbor.

If you do not know who your Common Council member is, call the Albany City Clerk at 434-5090. Please be sure to also call Tom Nitido, chair of the Health and Environment Committee of the Common Council at 453-9052.

Ward 1 – Carol Wallace, 462-1550

Ward 2 -Carolyn McLaughlin, 462-1468

Ward 3 – Michael L. Brown, 427-3833

Ward 4 – Sarah Curry-Cobb, 463-8864

Ward 5 – Shirley A. Foskey, 465-7414

Ward 6 – Richard Conti, 436-8546

Ward 7 – Shawn Morris, 426-0530

Ward 8 – David R. Torncello, 482-0837

Ward 9 – Thomas P. Nitido, 453-9052

Ward 10 – James R. Scalzo, 434-9936

Ward 11 – Michael J. Hall, 438-3767

Ward 12 – Phillip T. DiPace, 459-3815

Ward 13 – Daniel Herring, 438-7527

Ward 14 – Joseph Igoe, 489-3014

Ward 15 – Nicholas Coluccio, 489-5925

Jerry Jennings, Mayor, 434-5100

Helen Desfosses, President, 458-2166

published Apr/May 1999 Newsletter
Last Updated 4/20/99

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