John Wolcott, Honored by the New York State Assembly, Wants to see More Preservation

Jack McEneny, NYS Assemblyman, was Save the Pine BushÕs special guest at the July dinner. One of his jobs is to sponsor privileged resolutions of the Assembly. He had never read a special resolution before, but tonight, he was going to read one that the Assembly passed on June 20, 2001 to honor John Wolcott. Jack said that he was amazed that this resolution was passed 31 days ago, and that John did not know about it yet! Jack said honoring John was long over-due and that sponsoring this legislation was one of the best things he had ever done.

John Wolcott received not one, but two standing ovations, one before Jack read the resolution and one after.

The Honorable Jack McEneny read the resolution in its entirety for us:

Honoring John R. Wolcott for His Leadership, Activism and Resolute Devotion to the City of Albany

WHEREAS, From time to time this Assembled Body takes note of certain extraordinary individuals it wishes to recognize for their valued contributions to the success and progress of society, and publicly acknowledges their endeavors which have enhanced the basic humanity of us all; and

WHEREAS, A great community is only as great as those persons and organizations that provide exemplary service, whether through participation in voluntary programs, through unique personal achievement in their profession or other endeavors, or simply though a lifetime of good citizenry; and

WHEREAS, This Assembled Body has recognized the many accomplishments of John R. Wolcott, especially for his unmatched dedication in preserving the environment and history of the City of Albany, New York; and

WHEREAS, We recognize that his many years of directing attention to the importance of preserving the history and environment of the City has culminated in the implementation of numerous preservation efforts throughout the City of Albany, New York; and

WHEREAS, As a special friend of the City, he has displayed a willingness to work tirelessly for the environment, especially for the Pine Bush area, which has made him a role model for all those interested in saving our natural resources; and

WHEREAS, His advocacy for the preservation of historic architecture and historic sites, especially those of Dutch origin, coupled with his tireless diligence in supporting the exploration of archeological remains and their preservation, deserve a salute from this Assembled Body; and

WHEREAS, John R. Wolcott also deserves applause for his meticulous research regarding the early history of Fort Orange, Beverwyck and the City of Albany; his uncompromising advocacy for the preservation of the natural and human history of Albany, New York has allowed us to recover many aspects of the history of the City of Albany, New York; and

WHEREAS, John R. Wolcott’s distinguished record merits the recognition and respectful tribute of this Assembled Body; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to honor John R. Wolcott for his leadership, activism and resolute devotion to the City of Albany, New York; and be it further

RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be transmitted to John R. Wolcott.

In articles written in the local papers about his award, John did not focus on the award, but spoke passionately about preserving another rum distillery he believes is buried near Quackenbush Square. John was one of the founders of Save the Pine Bush, and has contributed thousands of hours of work and effort towards Pine Bush preservation. His ideas and work have sparked the preservation of hundreds of acres of Pine Bush. He richly deserves this award.

Printed in the August, September, 2001 Newsletter