Crossgates Information

Crossgates Information

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Crossgates Information

Finding straightforward information on the community versus
Pyramid and their political allies can be difficult, but here’s a

Weekly Publications The best and most informed source on
Crossgates is the Altamont Enterprise, which comes out on Thursdays.
Most of the other print media follow the Enterprise’s lead in
reporting. For some reason it is not sold inside the City of Albany,
but it is readily available every where else, or call 861-5005 for a
subscription, $24 a year. Metroland has kept a light but balanced eye
on the situation, while the Capital District Business Review is
heavily biased in favor of Pyramid.

Daily Publications The independent Daily Gazette has
covered the story lamely, which is not surprising because they depend
on Crossgates advertising revenue. The surprise is at the
Hearst-owned Times Union, where several employees are rebelling
against the corporation. Long time columnist Fred LeBrun has shown
extraordinary principles by taking a strong stand against the
expansion, even commenting on TV. We’ll be watching to see if he
loses his job over this. New reporter Kimberly Martineau has been
gung-ho and enthusiastic about grass-roots opposition to Pyramid, but
her corporate editors hack at her articles until they are

Television and Radio Channel 10 News is the most
informative and balanced, while channels 6 and 13 do the usual
corporate media whitewash. Other stations don’t seem to care.
Guilderland Public Access is always loads of fun, except when
Supervisor Yerbury orders segments cut that are critical of him
personally. Town Board meetings are aired twice a week. AM radio
coverage has been spotty, while FM has been nonexistent.

Internet The Guilderland Zoning Board of Appeals has put up
a poorly constructed but informative website at
which is supposedly paid for by Pyramid, and of course the place to
get the real scoop is at
Business Review articles can be found on the net, and the
Hearst-owned Times Union has a large archive of articles, but they
charge for each download.

Also, the Guilderland ZBA is supposedly putting out a “Crossgates
Review” newsletter which is available to anyone who requests it, but
when we called Town Hall no one seemed to know anything about it.

published Aug/September, 98 Newsletter

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