Residents Organize!

Residents Organize! Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!

Residents Organize!

Citizens and taxpayers of Guilderland are forming a resistance which as of this writing has no name yet. Their first organizational meeting is taking place on Aug. 18th at Guilderland Elementary School. For information on how YOU can lend your skills to beating Pyramid at their own game, contact the following folks:

Carl Letson, 869-6817

Judy and Roy Bliven, 456-2734

Ed Dilgen,

It’s going to take a lot a work, but if we all band together and co-operate, then we can stop Pyramid from destroying the Capital District.

War On Crossgates – The Community Fights Back

Crossgates Information – How the Media Covers the Maul

Visit the Official Crossgates Site, paid for by Pyramid, maintained by the Town of Guilderland.

Residents foil meeting on Crossgates expansion – an article by KIMBERLY MARTINEAU, Times Union Staff writer , and published on September 1, 1998 in the Times Union For past Crossgates battles here and in other locations:

Love Of Money The Root Of All…?, Mar/Apr 96 Murdered By Pyramid: It Could Happen Here, Mar/Apr 96 The Karner Blue vs Crossgates Mall – Secret Meetings and SEQRA Violation, Dec96/Jan97

published Aug/September, 98 Newsletter

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