Thank You to All Who Responded to the Emergency Appeal

Thank You to All Who Responded to the Emergency Appeal Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!

Thank You to

All Who Responded to the Emergency Appeal

Thank you! Thank you! to everyone who responded to our September Emergency Appeal. Save the Pine Bush was in quite a bind &emdash; we needed to hire our lawyer to respond to the City’s request for the landfill expansion, and we didn’t have much time and we didn’t have the money. But, you came through for the Pine Bush again! Though for some reason, the emergency appeal letter arrived quite late in many SPB supporters homes, SPB received over $7,000 in six weeks in response to the appeal. This was enough for SPB to hire a lawyer, pay an expert hydrologist, and pay a couple of back copying bills. The Pine Bush cannot thank you enough.

If you received your appeal, and wish to make a contribution, its never too late! Just send a check made out to Save the Pine Bush to Lucy Clark, Treasurer, 2348 Cayuga Road, Niskayuna, NY 12309. There are many proposed developments in the Pine Bush, and SPB plans to fight as many possible.

SPB has no overhead, no staff, no office, no assets. Money donated to SPB goes directly to stop developments in the Pine Bush, holding off developers before the bulldozers arrive. Our goal is to stop development, so that the land can be purchased and added to the Preserve. Thank you all for your generous support.

published December 1999/January 2000 Newsletter
Last Updated 12/3/99

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