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Camera Study of Pine Bush Meat-eaters

Camera Study of Pine Bush Meat-eaters Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!

Camera Study of Pine Bush Meat-eaters

According to Dina Cappiello, writing in the Albany Times-Union, November 8, 2000, Roland Kays, a mammalogist with the State Museum, has set up his motion-sensitive camera at 14 different sites in the Pine Bush Preserve and has caught coyotes, a raccoon family, gray foxes, the elusive fisher in his camera’s eye. Previous studies have focused on the Pine Bush’s unique species but the meat-eaters eat the plant-eaters and what is found in the study may influence the preserve’s management. Coyotes are the most abundant animal in the Pine Bush and probably permanent residents.. Meat-eaters recorded in the Pine Bush previous to Kays’ study include: coyote, red fox, short-tailed weasel, mink (rare), black bear, gray fox, striped skink, long-tailed weasel, common raccoon and domestic cat.

published December 2000/January 2001 Newsletter
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