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More on the West Nile Virus Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!

Arbor Hill Environmental Justice
Asks for a Cleaner Patroon Creek

Patroon Creek, from Lake Rensselaer in the Pine Bush through the Tivoli Preserve and Arbor Hill to the Hudson River, once was one of the state’s most polluted streams.

Now The Arbor Hill Environmental Justice Corporation has filed a petition to designate the creek as safe enough for fishing and swimming even though it doesn’t meet the more rigorous water-quality standards for the designation. The neighborhood group hopes the higher status will further the creek’s cleanup and protection.

Steve Schassler, DEC Region 4 Director, has said that the creek is a “typically stressed urban waterway” but over time, “it’s been improving.

“This classification will give Patroon Creek the respect and attention that has been missing for so many years,” said Pete Sheehan of the Arbor Hill Environmental Justice Corporation.

published December 2000/January 2001 Newsletter
Last Updated 11/30/00

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