Holiday Party

DecemberÕs Save the Pine Bush Holiday party was a fun time for all. Lawrence Lessner, magician extrodinaire, gave a superb magic show, pulling silver dollars from pockets, hiding eggs in most unlikely places, and predicting which invisible cards the audience will choose. He persuaded members of the audience to join him on stage and participate in his tricks. He left us all believing that magic really exists!

Cavanaugh and Kavanaugh played guitars, banjos, mandolins and other instruments. Playing many tunes that they wrote, the music was lively, the voices beautiful.

Deb Cavanaugh wrote a song for the Pine Bush. Performed publicly for the first time that evening, the words to the song are:

Save the Pine Bush

Throughout the pine barrens and all along the dunes
I saw the lupines growing feeding clouds of Karner Blues
Amidst the beauty of the world, I felt the kiss of life
And I thought that all of this would last forever. {Chorus}

Now where are the sand dunes? Where are the scrub pines,
The Karner Blue butterflies so tiny and fine?
TheyÕve gone to the landfills, developments and such.
And I miss their great beauty so much.


The builders keep building and cutting down trees.
TheyÕre raping our land from sea to shining sea.
The plants and animals hold on all they can
But some canÕt survive the growth of man.

Save the Pine Bush gratefully thanks the performers, Lawrence Lessner, Deb Cavanaugh and Dick Kavanaugh for the entertainment they provided for our holiday party. All the performers volunteered their time.

Printed in the February/March 2002 Newsletter