Captain Planet Comes to the Pine Bush

Captain Planet Comes to the Pine Bush


Captain Planet Comes to the
Pine Bush

by Dr. Alan Fiero

"Captain Planet He’s our hero. Takes pollution down to zero."

For those of you that have not heard this theme song, Captain Planet is a cartoon character seen on TV that fights to save our environment. Where better than the Pine Bush would Captain Planet’s super powers be needed?

All of us trying to save the Pine Bush know that "super powers" include funding and education, These are exactly what Captain Planet has given to us. Through a $2400 Captain Planet Foundation Grant, students at Farnsworth Middle School wilt be able to continue their work and research in the Pine Bush. A set of 16 new girdling tools will allow students to eliminate invasive aspens this spring. Last year with 200 students having to share 32 tools the students girdled close to 10,000 trees. Two greenhouse lights will allow students to raise native plants to be returned to the Pine Bush. Last year students transplanted 200 lupine plants they had grown in the school to the Pine Bush. Students also grew and transplanted horsemint. Funds for seeds for butterfly supporting plants and butterflies will help students learn how to raise and release butterflies. One day students hope to be releasing Karner Blues.

A portion of all monies made from Captain Planet merchandising goes to the Captain Planet Foundation. The Foundation provides grants to groups trying to better the environment. It is sponsorship like that of the Captain Planet Foundation that allows us to make education special for our children. It allows us to make them a part of saving the future.

Captain Planet is our hero!

Printed 1/98

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