How Well is the Pine Bush Doing?

How Well is the Pine Bush Doing? Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!


How Well is the Pine Bush Doing?

by Rezsin Adams

How well is the Pine Bush doing? One measure is looking at how well the rare species are doing. The answer is not too well, according to a report issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation on May 11, 1999. The Pine Bush’s most famous inhabitant, the Karner Blue Butterfly, after is disaterous decline in the past couple of decades from many thousands to a few hundred adults, seems to be holding its own. But four more rare butterflies have not done well &emdash; the Persius Duskywing went from previously unlisted to endangered, the Frosted Elfin to threatened, the Henry’s Elfin and the Mottled Duskywing to special concern. Like the Karner Blue, the Persius Duskywing and the Frosted Elfin feed on the blue lupine plane, which is also declining. The Eastern Spadefoot toad has been put on the special concern list and Henslow’s sparrow has moved from special concern to threatened. The Bog Buckmoth and the Pine Pinion moth are also not doing well. Many other species are not doing well around New York State. What is doing well? The bald eagle and the Eastern bluebird.

published July/August 1999 Newsletter
Last Updated 7/18/99

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