Action Alert! Touhey Gets A Boost Politicians Defy Voters

Action Alert! Touhey Gets A Boost Politicians Defy Voters

Action Alert!

Touhey Gets A Boost

Politicians Defy Voters

By Daniel Van Riper

The Zoning Committee of the Albany Common Council handed stubborn developer Charlie Touhey a key approval of his proposed destruction of Pine Bush at 300 Washington Avenue Extension. By a vote of 3 to 1 the committee approved Touhey’s environmental impact statement (EIS), in effect saying that destroying the Pine Bush will have no impact on the Pine Bush ecosystem. Further, they recommended that the full Common Council approve Touhey’s rezoning request.

Alderwoman Carol Wallace was the lone dissenter, citing traffic impact. Alderman Michael Hall’s vote to destroy Pine Bush is a stunning and mysterious reversal of his earlier commitment to Pine Bush preservation, as he is the co-sponsor with Ms. Wallace of the resolution calling on New York State to acquire all remaining Pine Bush for preserve. Alderman Tom Nitido’s vote was no surprise, he has long been known to favor destruction of the Pine Bush. He does not seem to grasp the economic and human costs of uncontrolled development, nor does he seem interested in seriously discussing the issues. Newcomer Alderman Daniel Herring has already revealed himself as having little or no independence, and is apparently following the wishes of Mayor Jennings, who is said to favor Touhey’s proposal.

Call Your Alderman! Let him or her know that you will hold them accountable at their next election for how they vote on this issue. Don’t let them give you any guff. This property is too important, and too many years have been spent and too much money in court to let it go down the toilet. Check the chart on page 2 to find the phone number of your alderman, and check out the Save the Pine Bush website periodically ( to find out when the next votes in the Common Council are taking place, or call 434-1954.

Members of the Common Council 1998&endash;Handy Call/Write Form

Ward 1 – Carol Wallace, 66 Elm St., Alb. 12202, 462-1550

Ward 2 – Carolyn McLaughlin, 76 Grand View Terr, Alb. 12202, 462-1468

Ward 3 – Michael L. Brown, 354 Elk St., Alb. 12206 427-3833

Ward 4 – Sarah Curry-Cobb, 79A Lawn Ave., Alb. 12204, 463-8864

Ward 5 – Shirley A. Foskey, 51 Judson St., Alb. 12206, 465-7414

Ward 6 – Richard Conti, 283 Lark St., Alb. 12210, 436-8546

Ward 7 – Shawn Morris, 24 Marinello Terr., Alb. 12209, 426-0530

Ward 8 – David R. Torncello, III, 140 Tallmadge Place, 12208, 482-0837

Ward 9 – Thomas P. Nitido, 27 Forest Ave., Alb. 12208 453-9052

Ward 10 – James R. Scalzo, Jr., 254 Yates St., Alb. 12208 434-9936

Ward 11 – Michael J. Hall, 127 N. Main Ave., Alb. 12206, 438-3767

Ward 12 – Phillip T. DiPace, 123 Yardboro Ave., Alb. 12205, 459-3815

Ward 13 – Daniel Herring, 4 Fairlawn Ave., Alb. 12203, 438-7527

Ward 14 – Joseph Igoe, 62 Aspen Circle, Alb. 12208 489-3014

Ward 15 – Nicholas Coluccio, 4 Brookland Ave., Alb. 12203, 489-5925

Jerry Jennings, Mayor, City Hall, Alb. 12207 434-5100

Helen Desfosses, President, 174 Rosemont Ave., 12209, 458-2166

City Hall Information

To find out your Alderman 434-5075

Printed 6/98

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