Save the Pine Bush

Save the Pine Bush has a new web site address, Our original website is no longer available on the web, and no forwarding link is available. Wizvax Communications, a local internet service provider, went out of business in February leaving Save the Pine Bush without a way to tell web users how to find our new site. The Save the Pine Bush website has hundreds of articles about the Pine Bush.

All of the SPB newsletters since 1994 are posted on the web, both in order of publication

and by subject matter

In addition, web users can find beautiful photographs of the Karner Blue butterfly and of the Pine Bush by Doug Morse.

A link to the virtual exhibit of the Pine Bush is on the home page. Many of the photographs in this virtual exhibit are used in SPBÕs real exhibit, which is used for displays in schools and at events.

The SPB web site is part of the Nabokov Web Ring, a group of websites that contain information about Vladamir NabokovÕs butterfly research as well as his literary career. For people concerned about sprawl, the SPB website has a link to the FORCE (Friends Organized for Responsible Community Expansion) web page, our friends in Guilderland who maintain an excellent site with much information and many links to information about sprawl and good government SPBÕs email address remains the same:

Would you like to help get the word out about the web siteÕs new location? SPB needs to re-register the web address on the internet search engines. Its easy to do, but it does take time to find all the search engines and fill out the registration forms. If you would like to help out for a few hours, please call Lynne Jackson at 434-1954 or email SPB at

Printed in the March, April 2001 Newsletter