Black Locust Have Some Good Uses! Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!

Black Locust
Have Some Good Uses!

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission has found a use for the Pine Bush invader species &emdash; the black locust. With a portable mill on-site, the Commission chopped down black locust trees on a property known as the Iorossi site. Turns out, the black locust are more rot-resistant than pressure-treated wood. So, The Nature Conservancy took this black locust lumber and brought it to Sam’s Point in Ellenville to build boardwalks, bridges, and an ice cave in the Dwarf Ridge Pine Barrens. The Nature Conservancy has also used black locust lumber for boardwalks in the fresh water marsh at the Mill Creek Marsh Preserve near Stuyvesant.

published October/November 2000 Newsletter
Last Updated 10/16/00

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