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In our August/September newsletter, we detailed the Roman Catholic Diocese proposed senior housing program, which, if built, would seriously impact the ability of the Karner Blue to survive in the Pine Bush.

Please write to the Bishop to ask him to re-locate the Avila House Independent Senior Campus outside of the Pine Bush. Below is a sample letter. Please feel free to alter it, but please write! For more information on the proposed senior housing program, complete with maps, please go to: http://www.savethepinebush.org/News/AugSept01/Teresian.html.

Bishop Howard Hubbard
Roman Catholic Diocese
40 North Main Avenue
Albany, NY 12203.

Dear Bishop Hubbard,

I am writing to ask you to change your mind about constructing a senior housing project behind the Teresian House on Washington Avenue Extension.

Quality housing for seniors is important, and I know that any facility operated by the sisters at the Teresian House will be an excellent place to live. However, senior housing should not be built in the Pine Bush.

The Pine Bush is a globally rare ecosystem of national and international importance. Development has reduced the Pine Bush ecosystem to 10% of its original size, with less than one half of that in Preserve. Many more acres of Pine Bush ecosystem must be added to the Preserve in order for the ecosystem to survive.

Not only is the Pine Bush ecosystem at risk, but the survival of the Karner Blue butterfly, an endangered species that makes its home in the Pine Bush, at risk. Constructing a senior housing facility behind Teresian House may put the survival of the Karner Blue at risk in the Pine Bush. Ohio, Indiana, and the City of Toronto, Canada, are trying to re-introduce the Karner Blue to its original habitat. At a time when other municipalities are trying to bring the Karner Blue back, it is ironic that here in the City of Albany we are destroying potential Karner Blue habitat.

We need to protect the Pine Bush and the Karner Blue for our children and future generations. I know that there must be other places where this quality senior housing facility can be built, and I urge you to find another location.


Printed in the October/November, 2001 Newsletter