Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 7 p.m.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 7 p.m.

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Tuesday January 23 Public Hearing on
special use permit which allows another mall in Niskayuna

Dear Friends of Ingersoll/Stanford parklands and all preservationists:

Tonight, Tuesday January 23rd is the important Public Hearing on the special use permit that would allow a mall at Ingersoll/Stanford lands and mansion, across from the current Mohawk Commons on Balltown Road and State Street in Niskayuna, Schenectady County. We urge you speak against the special use permit or submit a statement for the record.

This is a sprawl project that will add a drug store, banks, two strip malls, etc. on the 12 acre greenspace.

7 p.m. at Town hall on Nott Street Extension in Niskayuna.

Nott street is a right hand turn off Balltown Road, Rt. 146, going north The Town Hall is on the left side of the Nott Street extension, less or about one mile from the traffic light on Balltown.

The five town board members are usually 3 to 2 for the developers. We are after a swing vote by showing a huge interest in the building and parklands being protected from a mall on that beautiful green space.

The financial projection states that 25 percent of the business at the new Mall will be ‘new’ income; the other 75 percent will be siphoning off business from existing retail businesses. Why?

The developer is also a construction firm and they make their money on the building of new structures. The failure rate of malls is 20 years or so. The land at this spot has been a residence since 1760s.

Don’t let the especially beautiful place be replaced by box stores and parking lots, for a 20-year life.

It can be a center for international tourism, a classic restaurant and inn, a state or national historic site. The history of the famous families who lived there are worthy of educational and cultural interpretations, with the use of extensive space in the 19th and 20th Century additions. It could be a combination of uses, providing rentable space for not-for-profit and businesses who appreciate and benefit from a beautiful setting.

The old trees and graceful hill, the elegant brick home of 1816, are an oasis in a major travel corridor with little other greenspace of note.

The Town Board vote comes later in February but tonight’s record will be important to influence the council members and be part of the legal record for a court case if the board votes to let the mall go on.

Please come.

And pass this on to all. Everyone can speak. The press will be there, and they do head counts to show serious interest.


Linda Champagne
Friends of Stanford Home