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Politics and Garbage

That Sweet Smell

By Daniel Van Riper

A Bigger Dump Believe it or not, Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings wants to expand the City Dump in the Pine Bush on Rapp Road. He's given up on the idea of throwing the city's trash onto a farm down in Coeymans and wants to take another 15 to 20 acres out of the Pine Bush and make a new garbage pile. More than a fifth of the garbage in the Albany City Dump (euphemistically referred to as "the landfill") is generated by the State of New York, so the State has a serious interest in continuing to have a cheap place to dump it's waste products. Perhaps Mr. Jennings is counting on his "friends" in the Pataki administration to help him through the legal rough spots in getting approval for this clearly illegal dump. Alongside the two earlier towers of garbage Mt. Trashmore and Mt. Jorling, we would like to be the first to name this proposed mound of crap "Jenning's Pile".

Big Money The State finally purchased the strategic ten acre piece of Pine Bush called the Swire parcel along Rt. 155 in Albany. We are all glad to see it put into preserve, but the State paid the outrageous sum of $1.5 million. We have an uncomfirmed report that the late Louis Swire originally paid $40 thousand for this land, and we can't help but suspect that his heirs held the State hostage on this and made out like bandits. While Save the Pine Bush never specifically sued over this piece of land, our vigilant legal actions over nearby parcels clearly were a major factor in preventing these ten acres from bing destroyed. Naturally, at a press conference at the site to announce the purchase, the politicians took all the credit for themselves and didn't mention Save the Pine Bush.

Jack Wins Big Congratulations to Jack McEneny for winning his re-election bid for his Assembly seat by a big 3-to-1 margin over sore loser Gary Domalewicz, who, instead of congratulating the winner, called him a liar and whined about money. This rout is correctly percieved as a major defeat for Albany Mayor Jennings, who put Domalewicz up to this race. But don't count Jennings out, he still has plenty of influence.

Speculator's Friend The spectacularly corrupt US Senator from New York, Alphonse D'Amato, recently sent a letter to Save the Pine Bush explaining why he supports the so-called Citizens Access to Justice Act, which protects land speculators from local ordinances designed to protect local communities. "The goals of these measures (sic)" writes D'Amato, "is to simplify and expedite access to Federal courts for injured parties whose rights and privileges have been deprived by final actions of Federal, state or local government." In other words, speculators and developers can ignore local laws and build whatever they want as long as Congress says it's OK to do so. This would put Save the Pine Bush out of business. Enough said. D'Amato has got to go. Democratic candidate Charles "Chuck" Schumer has a solid environmental record and deserves to be our next senator.

published Oct/Nov 98 Newsletter

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