Save the Pine Bush, You can fight City Hall and win!

Save the Pine Bush
Articles in Order by Subject

Introduction to Save the Pine Bush

How does Save the Pine Bush Stop Developers?

Save the Pine BushTurns 30! Read about thirty years of advocacy for the Pine Bush

A Tribute To Lew Oliver, our wonderful lawyer

The Pine Bush's Most Famous Resident - The Karner Blue Butterfly

Save the Pine Bush Victories and Fights

The Thruway Authority Comes Across Royally, Dec 99/Jan 00
Save the Pine Bush is 25!, Mar/Apr 03


Legislation regarding standing in court

We Need the Environmental Access to Justice Act, Write to Your NYS Senator — We Must Change the Standing Rules for SEQRA! May/June, 08

Planning & Sprawl in the Pine Bush

Everybody Wants One -Preservation Plan Makes Waves - Feb/Mar 94

Sprawl Raises Taxes - The Myth Of The Expanding Tax Base, Feb/Mar 1999

485B - Promoting Destruction of the Pine Bush through Tax Deductions! Feb/Mar 1999
The Portland Plan - A Better Way To Grow -July/Aug 1999
Well, How About Here? Can We Plan the Capital District? -July/Aug 1999
UAlbany Plan Adds to Sprawl — Reprinted from the Times Union Sunday, July 8, 2001, July 01
Sprawl Kills - Sedentary lifestyle can mean obesity and a shorter life in a land without sidewalks., Dec 01/Jan 02

Unhealthy Choice - Reprinted from Metroland, January 31, 2002, by Kathryn Schulz, Feb/Mar 02

Pursuing Quality in the Capital Region - - CDTC & CDRPC Issue a Draft Report, Dec 02

Tech Valley in the Pine Bush, May/June 03

Sprawl Costs Money, Jul/Aug 03

SEMETECH North Is Now at The State University at Albany, Oct/Nov 03

Scenic Hudson Visits SPB - - Mary Ann Johnson Speaks About Sprawl, Dec 03/Jan 04

An Albany County Environmental Mystery, May/June 04

Make Your Voice Heard!!! Hearings Set for the Albany Corridor Study by the NYS Thruway, May/June 04

Roads are Killing the Pine Bush, May/June 04

Moratoriums - July/August 04

Being Green Isn’t Good Enough Anymore - James Hoard Kunstler Speaks, July/August 04

You Can Help Save the Pine Bush in The Town of Colonie Write Letters — Attend a Hearing, Oct 04

Roads in the Pine Bush - John Poorman Speaks about the CDTC, Dec 04/Jan 05

Town of Colonie to Adopt Comprehensive Plan,Aug/Sept 05

Take the Bus and Leave the Car at Home, Dec 06/Jan 07

Town of Colonie is in the Process of Revoking Protection of the Pine Bush! September/October 2010


State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)

Initial Public Comments Delivered in Albany on March 31st at the Public Hearing on SEQRA,May/June 2017

Proposed changes in SEQRA Why Now?, May/June 2017

Do We Really Need to “Streamline” the Environmental Protections of SEQRA?, June/July 2017


Recent Court Cases

State Employees Federal Credit Union

Save the Pine Bush Wins - SEFCU To Move Away, Feb/Mar 02

Avila House Senior Housing, located behind Teresian House on Washington Avenue Extension

Save the Pine Bush Sues Over Senior Housing in the Pine Bush - Proposed Project to be built behind Teresian House, Dec 01/Jan 02
Save the Pine Bush - Loses Teresian House Case, May/June 02
The Karner Blue Loses Another Battle -- Senior Housing Gets Approved &another nail appears in the coffin of the Karner Blue, Jan/Feb 03
Volunteers Protest Construction of Avila House, Jan/Feb 03
Avila Keeps Advertising, Mar/Apr 03
The Draft Envrionmental Impact Statement contains details of the proposed development.
View an arial photograph of the area.
Photos of Save the Pine Bush Protest on December 10, 2002
Press Release, Dec 02

Charlie Touhey & 300 Washington Avenue Extension

Save the Pine Bush Loses a Round - Judge Teresi Rules in Favor of Charlie Touhey, May/June 00
They Don't Ever Quit - But Neither Do We, May/June 96
Albany Common Council Denies Dunes Residents Chance to be Heard, July/Aug 96
Save the Pine Bush Joins with Residents of the Dunes to Win Big - Charlie Touhey Cannot Build His Office Buildings, Sept 96
Charlie's At It Again! - Touhey proposes housing units in the Pine Bush, Dec96/Jan97
Touhey's Obsession And Other News, Jan 98
Proposals for Paving the Pine Bush Come Fast and Furiously -Guilderland, Albany consider destroying Full Protection Areas, Mar/Apr 98
Action Alert! Touhey Gets A Boost - Politicians Defy Voters, June/July 98
Write To Your Alderman to Oppose the Touhey Office Complex, June/July 98
Action Alert! Call your Common Council Member - Ask to Vote No on Touhey - April/May 99
Second Time within 6 Weeks -Albany Common Council Votes Against Pine Bush - Approves Charlie Touhey's Office Complex, Jul/Aug 99
Save the Pine Bush Sues City - Back in Court with Charlie Touhey, Oct/Nov 99
Touhey Builds While Save the Pine Bush Goes to Court - Dec 00/Jan 01

Willow Street - A Developer Takes Land from Preserve

Developer Takes Preserve to Build Water Lines - Save the Pine Bush Sues the Albany Pine Bush Management Commission & Others, Jan 98
Judge Cobb Grants Injunction - State Defends Pine Bush, Mar/Apr 98
Save the Pine Bush Forces Developer to Remove Water Lines from Pine Bush Preserve - Victory for the Pine Bush!!!, Aug/Sept 98
Willow Street Again, SPB Sues over Sewers Built in the Preserve, DEC Caves in to Developer, Dec 98/Jan 99

Drumlin Fields, 46-acre office complex on Rapp Road

The Pine Bush Wins! - State Buys Site of Proposed Office Complex, May/ June 00
Action Alert! Oppose Drumlin Fields Office Complex: Five Minutes to Help Save the Pine Bush - No matter where you live, please, call an Alderman about Drumlin Fields, Dec 98/Jan 99

Drumlin Fields - Its Not Over 'til Its Over (There is still time to call your Council Member!). Feb/Mar, 99

Council Sacrifices Pine Bush - Nitido, Hershberg Win, April/May 99

Save the Pine Bush Sues Albany Common Council Over Illegal Office Complex -July/Aug 1999

Guilderland YMCA

Is There a 'Y' in Guilderland?, Aug/Sept 97
Let Your Voice Be Heard! - Don't Let Them Take Land from Preserve!, Nov 97
Surprise! They Can't Build There -YMCA May Move, Mar/Apr 98
Gotta Watch'em Like Hawks - Can't Trust Nobody -July/Aug 1999

No Vinyl Golf Dome - We Won!

Victory in Colonie! Vinyl Golf Driving Range Proposal Withdrawn, Nov 97
Save the Pine Bush Wins A Round - TNC Buys 19 Acres
Where Vinyl Golf Dome Proposed, May/June 02

Suing the Town of Colonie over a GEIS - We Won!

Town of Colonie - Will It or Won't It Destroy Its Pine Bush?, Jul/Aug 96
Save the Pine Bush Sues the Town of Colonie, Oct 96
Save the Pine Bush Sues the Town of Colonie, Dec96/Jan97
Victory In Colonie SPB Stops GEIS, Feb/Mar 97
SPB and Town Agree - Colonie Signs Settlement, Apr/May 97
Town of Colonie Planning Board, May/June 2010

Adventure Park in the Pine Bush - We Won!

SPB Enjoys Another Victory - Adventure Park Parcel Added to the Preserve, Oct 96

Water Slide Park in the Pine Bush - We Won!

A Brief Historical Note on the Six Mile Waterworks (Rensselaer Lake), July/Aug 96
McEneny Tables Water Slide for Pine Bush on Six Mile Waterworks, July/Aug 96

Pryamid Crossgates, Proposed Developments, Cases and Lawsuits

Love Of Money The Root Of All...?, Mar/Apr 96
Murdered By Pyramid: It Could Happen Here, Mar/Apr 96
The Karner Blue vs Crossgates Mall - Secret Meetings and SEQRA Violation, Dec96/Jan97
Crossgates Shouldn't Expand- But Who Will Stop Them?, June/July 98
War On Crossgates - The Community Fights Back, Aug/Sept. 98
Residents Organize! - How to get involved to Stop Crossgates
Crossgates Information - How the Media Covers the Maul
FORCE Fights Pyramid - Guilderland Citizens Organize , Oct/Nov 98
A Proposal - For Guilderland Officials
Crossgates Warning: Stay Away For The Holidays, Dec 98/Jan 99
Our Friends Visit - FORCE Is Here To Stay, Feb/Mar 99
Crossgates Follies - The Government Plays Catch-Up, Feb/Mar 99
Pyramid Goes To Court Sprawl Malls Need Lawyers, Too -July/Aug 1999
Crossgates is a Bad Neighbor, Mar/Apr 03
Pyramid Wants More, Jul/Aug 03
Crossgates Casts a Dark Shadow Over the Pine Bush Dec 03/Jan 04
Save the Pine Bush Sues Crossgates Maul and Asks the City to Deny Crossgates Hotel Proposal, Feb/Mar 04
Crossgates Wants to Build a Hotel in the Pine Bush, Will they never go away?, Sept/Oct 04
Crossgates Hotel Proposal in the Pine Bush - Scoping Document, Oct 04
Residence Inn Hotel Proposal is Back! Attend the Public Hearing, Monday, April 18, 2005, 7 pm, Albany City Hall, April/May 2005
Environmental Report Omits Essential Letter, November/December 2005
Another Missing Letter -- Save the Pine Bush Comments on Residence Inn FEIS, November/December 2005
Common Council Ignores Pine Bush Preserve Commission , Jan/Feb 06
Save the Pine Bush Sues City of Albany Over Rezoning of Land, May/June 06
Save the Pine Bush Wins a Round - Wins Standing in Lawsuit Against the City over the Hotel, September 06
Save the Pine Bush Wins the Hotel Case, Apr/May 07
Save the Pine Bush Wins Second Round - Win on Hotel Case Upheld by Supreme Court, Aug/Sept 07
The Hotel is Back and Badder than Ever! Some Common Council Members Support Save the Pine Bush, Oct/Nov 07
What is Missing? Why is the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Hotel Incomplete?, Oct/Nov 07
Stop the Hotel! - Ask the Governor and the Mayor To Do the Right Thing, Jan/Feb 08
City Can’t Decide! - More about the Hotel Case, Jan/Feb 08
Rare Worm Snake found on Proposed Hotel Site. Its time for the City to do the right thing, Sept/Oct 08
Careful In The Pine Bush, from the Times Union, Sept/Oct 08
The Hotel Is Back Now, it is all up to the Common Council, Nov/Dec 08
Hotel Eligible for Tax Incentive, Nov/Dec 08
Marriott Hotel Poised to Destroy only Known Upstate Colony of Rare Worm Snake, Jan/Feb 09
Save the Pine Bush To Argue Standing In The Court Of Appeals, August/September, 2009


The City of Albany Landfill in the Pine Bush

John Wolcott Versus The Dump - Skewering An Inane Document, Oct 96
Jennings Makes A Dump - Plans To Defile Pine Bush, Dec 98/Jan 99
Garbage in the Pine Bush - City Proposes Landfill Expansion, Dec 99/Jan 00
SPB Sues City & DEC Over Illegal Landfill in the Pine Bush, Aug/Sept 00

Save the Pine Bush Loses First Round on Landfill - Clean Water takes a Dive to Garbage, Dec 00/ Jan 01
City Plans More Destruction of the Pine Bush, Mar/Apr 03

Albany Has Chosen Bad Site for Dump, Aug/Sept 05
Plan would double landfill’s life, Sept 05
Save the Pine Bush Asks the Albany Common Council for Justice - Mayor Jennings Tricks the City Over the Landfill in the Pine Bush, Sept 05
Daily Gazette Editorial - September 9, 2005
WAMC News Story about the Landfill Expansion in the Pine Bush, Sept 05
Albany wants to Dedicate a Dump to the Preserve, Nov/Dec 05
The Nature Conservancy Objects to Landfill Proposal in the Pine Bush -- Writes letter to City and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Nov/Dec 05
Common Council votes to Suppress Public Comment, Jan/Feb 06
What to do with the Garbage, Jan/Feb 06
Integrating the Landfill into the Pine Bushor What do you do with a Landfill?, Mar/Apr 06
Waste-to-Energy - One Solution to the Garbage Issue, Mar/Apr 06
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire - Mayor Jennings’ Landfill Plan Death Knell to the Pine Bush Preserve, Mar/Apr 06
No Magic Bullet: Solving the Garbage Problem, May/June 06
A Plan for Planning, May/June 06
Its not a Garbage Problem — Its an Economic Problem, Commissioner Bruce speaks to Save the Pine Bush, July/Aug 06
City of Albany Attempts to Sneak Legislation Past the Public Removing Land from the Pine Bush Preserve, July/Aug 06
Letter to the Editor - Bigger Better Bottle Bill, July/Aug 06
The Albany Common Council –The Debate and the Vote, July/Aug 06
The Albany Common Council –Editorial Comment by Lynne Jackson, July/Aug 06
Garbage or the Pine Bush? City of Albany Proposes to take Pine Bush for its third landfill expansion proposal, Oct/Nov 06
Assemblyman John McEneny Speaks about the Landfill, Oct/Nov 06
What Can People Do With Their Garbage? Debbie Jackson Speaks about Reduce, Reuse and Recycling, Oct/Nov 06
Waste-To-Energy - A Very, Very, Expensive Solution to Garbage, Dec 06/Jan 07
What Part of the Pine Bush Does the City Want for Allied Waste?, Dec 06/Jan 07
Expansion of the Landfill in the Pine Bush — The Battle Begins!, Feb/Mar 07
Massive Opposition to Proposed Landfill Expansion, Apr/May 07
Action Guide to Citizens who can’t stand the smell or who think the Pine Bush is no place for a dump, Apr/May 07
Save the Pine Bush T-Shrits No Dump in the Pine Bush!, Apr/May 07
Proposed Landfill Expansion a Collision of Factors, State Needs to Take Action — An Opinion, Apr/May 07
Stop the Landfill Expansion — Get Involved!, Jun/Jul 07
The Dump Expansion is for Who?, Jun/Jul 07
Albany places in dirty dozen, City’s decision to expand dump into preserve lands it on environmental group’s list of polluters, Jun/Jul 07
We Want the Bigger Better Bottle Bill!, Jun/Jul 07
The Goal is to Phase Out Landfills - Val Washinton Speaks to Save the Pine Bush, Aug/Sept 07
Hot line, methane, recycling answers needed, written by DOMINICK CALSOLARO, Aug/Sept 07
News from our SCRAP Friends, Aug/Sept 07
We Have the Power , Aug/Sept 07
The Solution to the Garbage Problem, Sept/Oct 08
DEC sets Public Hearing on Landfill in the Pine Bush, Nov/Dec 08
Making a Living as a Trash Picker The Landfill in Guatemala City, Nov/Dec 08
Zeroing Out Waste Conference, Nov/Dec 08
DEC’s Dump Hearing December 3, 2008, Jan/Feb 09
Neither a Borrower or a Lender Be, October/November, 2009
Regional Solid Waste Authority - Inevitable or will Citizens have a say?, Jan/Feb 2010
New York State Solid Waste Management Plan, Jan/Feb 2010
Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Conference, Jan/Feb 2010
Yesterday’s News, Jan/Feb 2010
Sally's Recycling Corner, Jan/Feb 2010
Composting on a Large Scale, Is large-scale composting better for humans and the environment than incineration for disposing of organics?, March/April 2010
Zero Waste or Waste Authority?, Update on the City of Albany’s Solid Waste Management Plan, March/April 2010
Turnabout defeats Albany landfill vote again - Last-minute changed vote leaves the expansion of Albany’s landfill uncertain, May/June 2010
New Yorkers for Zero Waste Platform 2010, May/June 2010
Action Alerts! Draft New York State Solid Waste Management Plan -Deadline for Public Comments: August 16, 2010, July/August 2010
Draft Solid Waste Management Plan Needs Closer Look & Changes, November/December 2010
Update on Albany’s Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP), January/February 2011
Download Save the Pine Bush's Comments on Albany's Solid Waste Plan ), January/February 2011
Habitat Restoration and Mitigation Project: How it Fits in to the Preserve Goals for Restoration -Neil Gifford Gives Save the Pine Bush Dinner Talk in March, 2011, May/June 2011
Dr. George Robinson Sheds Light on Landfills, their Possibilities and Problems Post-closure, March/April, 2011
Organic “Waste” Composting: A Random Local Update Courtesy of Mother Nature, I spent my “snow day” talking trash, March/April, 2011
Electronics Recycling a Huge Success, May/June 2011
Sally’s Recycling Corner — New Year Green Resolutions, January/February 2012
How and why did the City of Albany destroy so much of the Albany Pine Bush?, May/June, 2012
Composting of Food Waste in Charleston, South Carolina, October/November 2012
Jerry Jennings Blinked, May/June, 2012

Sally’s Recycling Corner: Recycling In Nature, December 2014/January 2015
Community Compost Initiative, December 2014/January 2015
May 20 SPB Program to Feature Anaerobic Digestion and Composting of Organics, May/June 2015
Anaerobic Digestion and Composting of Organics, June/July 2015
A thorn in the Pine Bush, January/February 2016

Albany Solid Waste Problem Still Not Addressed Openly Aug/Sept 2016
Tour Sustainable Materials Management Facilities Aug/Sept 2016
Solid Waste Issues in the City of Albany, the Town of Colonie and the Proposed Changes in the NYS Solid Waste Regulations, August/September 2017
Landfill Committee forming!, August/September 2017
The City is Selling 363 Acres of Land in Coeymans, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Zero Waste Jazzes Up the City of Albany, August/September 2018


Rao Disaster - We Lost

Rao Disaster-End Of The Legal Road

Loop Road/Columbia Circle - We Lost

SPB Needs Your Help to Fight Road, Jan/Feb 96

365 Washington Avenue Extension - More Unneeded Sprawl

Common Council Approves an Office Complex at 365 Washington Avenue Extension - Council Member Carol Wallace Makes Eloquent Plea for the Pine Bush Preservation

Climate Change

Wind Energy Aug/Sept 2016
Save the Pine Bush — Addressing Climate Change Aug/Sept 2016

Climate Change and Arthropod-borne Diseases, Nov/Dec 2016

Overview of Climate Crisis and NY Renews, Nov/Dec 2016

Climate Change and Hell and High Waters, Jan/Feb 2017

Call-In Week to Governor Cuomo - Coming Up January 23-27, 2017, Jan/Feb 2017

Is the Earth Running a Fever? Meteorological Forecaster Hugh Johnson Speaks, May/June 2017

200,000 marched in DC Heat Report back — Circle Up, June/July 2017

Mark Dunlea Speaks about Climate Change - Asks People to Take Action Now, November 2018

New York Must Commit to 100% Clean Energy by 2030 – a Green New Deal, December 20189/January 2019

Bethlehem Tomorrow Presents Community Choice Aggregation; A Step Towards a Sustainable Energy Future for Bethlehem Speaker: Bill Reinhardt, February/March 2019









Environmental Justice

Environmental Injustice at Ezra Prentice Apartments and
Community Health Study
Aug/Sept 2016
SHARE — Sheridan Hollow Alliance for Renewable Energy Forms, Oct/Nov2017
SHARE Opposes the Microgrid Fossil Fuel Plant in Sheridan Hollow, Dec 2017/Jan 2018
Keith Schue and Ward Stone fire up “Save the Pine Bush” about the Proposed Gas Turbines and the ongoing toxin issues at Sheridan Hollow, April/May 2019

Proposed Developments in the Pine Bush

Roman Catholic Diocese Proposes Senior Housing in the Pine Bush, Karner Blue in Serious Trouble, Aug/Sept 01
SUNYA Destroys Pine Bush for Sprawl, Aug/Sept 01

1 Rapp Road, Extension Development, March/April 2013
Lupe, Guilderland Proposal
Public Hearing in Guilderland - Housing Development Seeks to Destroy 100 acres of Pine Bush, Feb/Mar 02
Woodsfields Estates - Houses that Should Not Be Built, May/June 02
Woodsfield Estate Proposal is Back!, Attend the Public Hearing, Wednesday, April 13, 2005, 7:30 pm, Guilderland Town Hall, April/May 2005
Proposed Housing Development in Guilderland Woodsfield Estate, Oct/Nov 07
Lupe, Colonie Proposal

Houses Proposed in Colonie, Jan/Feb 03
Forty Acres of Pine Bush Slated for Destruction in the Town of Colonie, Feb/Mar 04

Woodlawn Area in Schenectady
City Owned Land Up for Grabs, Pine Bush in Schenectady threatened by development, May/June 03
City of Schenectady Considers Selling Pine Bush for Development, June 03
Speak Out for Pine Bush Preservation - Public Hearing, Monday, July 14 at 7:30 PM, Schenectady City Hall, Jul/Aug 03
Woodlawn and the Western Pine Bush: Next Steps — Volunteer Now to Protect this land!, Oct/Nov 03
Clty to fund study of pine barrens. Goal is Saving Woodlawn area, Jan 07
Schenectady Pine Bush sees Preservation boost, January/February 2012
Lydius Street Subdivision Proposal in Guilderland
Subdivision Proposed for Full Protection Area, Oct/Nov 03

Morris/Cordell Road Railroad Overpass
Charette a Charade - DOT Throws a Bone to the Pine Bush While Helping Big Business Get Bigger, July/August 04

Clifton Park
Massive Empire Zone in Clifton Park's Wood Road Corridor Set for Review , Jan/Feb 06
Environmental Study Requires Restoration of Karner
Blue Habitat in Clifton Park,
May/June 06
Save the Pine Bush Sues the Town of Clifton Park over Development Approval - Karner Blue Habitat Threatened, Oct/Nov 06
Save the Pine Bush Barred from Court , Dec 06/Jan 07
Town of Clifton Park Ignores Pleas for Butterflies, Aug/Sept 07
Save the Pine Bush Goes to the Appellate Division Over Butterflies in Clifton Park, Jan/Feb 08
Save the Pine Bush Loses in Clifton Park, No one can advocate for the Karner Blue, May/June, 08
Final Karner Blue Habitat Along Wood Road in Clifton Park Approved for Clearing, Grading as “Shovel Ready”, October/November 2012
Press Release from Sierra Club and Save the Pine Bush, October/November 2012
Saratoga County’s Wilton preserve helps Karner blue, February, 2015
Karner blue to get habitat in Saratoga Spa State Park, May/June 2015

Public Health and the Pine Bush

Does Sprawl Promote Lyme Disease? , May/June 03
Lyme Disease Warning for Pets and their Humans, Jul/Aug 03
Who Owns Life? Canadian Farmer Sued by Monsanto, Feb/Mar 04
Suburban Life Linked To Obesity, June 04
Take the Bus and Leave the Car at Home, Dec 06/Jan 07
Genetic Tests on Ticks May Reveal Secrets of Lyme Disease, Nov/Dec 08
Plant linked to Lyme risk, November/December 2010
Pine Bush fires cut tick threat, from the Times Union, July/August 2011
Lyme Disease: A Growing Epidemic, October/November 2012
Composting Food Waste in the City of Troy, January/February 2013
The Unforeseen Consequences of Tobacco, June/July 2015
Former Albany County Legislator Tim Nichols: Politics & Tobacco, March/April 2016

Updates in Brief — Trucks, Zero-Waste Tulipfest and a Leaking Landfill, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

DEC Should Enforce the Rules, April/May 2019


The Oil Trains & Pipelines in Albany

The Crude Oil Threat to New York State: The Capital Region as the Focus of Oil-by-Rail, Jan/Feb, 2014
Chris Amato Speaks About the Oil Trains,
May/June, 2014
Bomb Train Rally, October/November, 2014
Bakken Crude Oil Rail Shipments in Decline, But Surplus Tank Cars a Problem, September/October 2015
Say ‘No’ to proposed pipeline, September/October 2015
Crossing paths: Area farmers fear risks from 2 gas pipeline proposals,September/October 2015
Are Cuomo’s Oil Spill Trailers a Fix for Spilled Oil?, March/April 2016
Judith Enck Meets with Ezra Prentice Residents Sept/Oct 2016
Bad air a problem in the South End, Nov/Dec 2016
Kim Fraczek Speaks about the Sane Energy Project and Mapping Pipelines, March/April 2017
Geothermal Power is Possible in the City, Dec 2017/Jan 2018
The Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster: Public Betrayal, Justice Denied, April/May 2019
Bruce Campbell Gets the Tour, April/May 2019


Burn, Baby, Burn! The Role of Fire in

Fire? What Fire? Pine Bush Better Than Ever - July/Aug 99

Sally's Recycling Corner

New Feature: Sally’s Recycling Corner, Oct/Nov 07
Science Writer Cy Tymony Reveals 12 “Sneaky Re-uses” For Common Toys, Jan/Feb 08
Recycling Paper, Jan/Feb 08
Sally’s Recycling Corner, May/June 08
Sally’s Recycling Corner, Jan/Feb 09
Sally’s Recycling Corner: Recycling Mystery: Medication, October/November, 2009
Sally’s Recycling Corner, May/June 2010
Sally’s Recycling Corner — New Year Green Resolutions, January/February 2012
Sally’s Recycling Corner How To Get Guests to Recycle at Your Holiday Party
, January/February 2013
Sally’s Recycling Corner, from WomansDay.Com, March/April 2013
Sally's Recycling Corner:Things that can be recycled: 14 unique items, Jan/Feb, 2014
Sally’s Recycling Corner: Top Things to RecycleOctober/November, 2014
4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling at Home, June/July 2015


History of the Pine Bush

A Brief Historical Note on the Six Mile Waterworks (Rensselaer Lake), July/Aug 96
New Light on an Old Road - Part I, Mar/Apr 98
New Light on an Old Road - Part II, June/July 98
Pushing and Pulling West - Pending Extensions of the Boundaries of the Pine Bush Preserve, Oct/Nov 99

State Recognizes The Promised Land - Re-printed from the Altamont Enterprise, 9/19/02 Oct/Nov 02
Early Reference to the Pine Bush Discovered in the Dutch Records of Beverwyck, Dec 02
Guilderlandt, Dec 03/Jan 04
Looking For Trader’s Hill A Sand Hill Lost and Forgotten in a Sea of Sand Hills, Jan/Feb 09
Archaeology in the Pine Bush, January/February 2012
Southern Life, Northern City: The History of Albany’s Rapp Road Community, March/April, 2012
Lou Ismay and the Environmental Forum, January/February 2013
Save the Pine Bush Turns 35 in February, January/February 2013
Historic Rapp Road Community— An Update, May/June2013
SPB Tours Historic Power Station in Karner, May/June2013
History Uncovered Cartographer John Wolcott pinpoints the location of an important 1614 Dutch trading post,October/November, 2014

Destroying History at The Pine Bush Preserve, October/November 2018
The Rapp Road Historical Association, Shabuta Mississippi to the Albany Pine Bush, February/March 2019

Famous Lasagna Dinners
Earth Day SPB Dinne, May/June2013

The Pine Bush Getting Help from Seventh Graders

Teacher Wins Toyota Tapestry Grant
Captain Planet Comes to the Pine Bush, Jan 98
From the Top: The Environmental Picture of the Capital District, From the People Who Really Know, May/June 04
The Farnsworth Middle School Pine Bush Project, July/August 2011

Pine Bush Volunteers Do Good Deeds

John Wolcott, Honored by the New York State Assembly, Wants to see More Preservation, Aug/Sept 01
John Wolcott announces that he will give his share of the Bush Taxe Rebate to Save the Pine Bush, July 01
Best of Metroland - Rezsin wins a "Best of" Award, Aug/Sept 98
Metroland Local Heros Issue -- Features one Save the Pine Bush Volunteer, Lynne Jackson, Jan/Feb 06
Proclamation — Monday, February 13, 2017 to be: “Rezsin Adams Day”, March/April 2017

Save the Pine Bush Volunteers Spread the Word

The Albany Pine Bush Management Commission & DEC

Coyotes in the Moonlight - Response to the Commission's Final Implementation Guidelines, Mar/Apr 96
Show Down Over Roundup - Should Pesticides be used in the Pine Bush????, Sept, 96
"Farmers" Sue Albany Pine Bush Management Commission, Oct 96
An Exposé by John Wolcott: The 1996 Clean Water, Clean Air Bond Act, What It Is, What It Isn't, And What Some Of It Might Be, Apr/May 97
Land Crunch in the Pine Bush, Aug/Sept 97
They Have Their Niche - Memo From The PB Commission, Jan 98
Developer Takes Preserve to Build Water Lines - Save the Pine Bush Sues the Albany Pine Bush Management Commission & Others, Jan 98
The Emperor's New Plan - The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission's acquisition plan, June/July 98
No Credit Given - A Letter From the Commission, Aug/Sept 98
Pesticide FOILS in process January/February 2012
Neil Gifford of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Speaks, May/June, 2012
Chris Hawver of the Commission Speaks, December 2014/January 2015
SPB Files Most Unpopular Suit Yet - Sues the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, Dec 99/Jan 00

Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Begins an Updated Plan for Pine Bush Preservation, Oct/Nov 00

Willie Janeway Comes to Visit - Former Executive Director of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, Dec 00/Jan 01

News from the Pine Bush Commission - Notes from the Albany Pine Preserve Commission October Newsletter

Notes from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Newsletter, January 2002, Feb/Mar 02

New Plan for the Preserve - 2002 Management Plan Revealed Oct/Nov 02
Open Space Plan Released - The Pine Bush is Top Priority in Region 4 Oct/Nov 02

Notes from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, May/June 03

Discovery Center in the Pine Bush, The New Director, Mike Venuti, Speaks to Save the Pine Bush Oct/Nov 03
From the Newsletter of The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, Feb/Mar 04

Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Wants Your Opinion And Save the Pine Bush Would Like You to Tell Them! Feb/Mar 04

News from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, Sept/Oct 04

The Pine Bush Discovery Center Opens, Why Does the Discovery Center Look Like a Bank?, Jun/Jul 07

News from Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, Jun/Jul 07

News from Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission - The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Requests written public comments on Management Plan, Aug/Sept 07

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Discovery Center, an Opinion, by Lynne Jackson, Oct/Nov 07

Pine Bush Commission Update, Oct/Nov 07

A Note from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Newsletter, Sept/Oct 08

What’s afoot at the Preserve?!, January/February 2011

Pine Bush Parcels Project, March/April, 2011

Researching the Unpreserved Lands, May/June 2011

Pine Bush Gets National Status, August/September, 2014

Editorial: A toast to the Pine Bush, August/September, 2014

DEC and State Parks Release State Open Space Conservation Plan for Public Comment - Public Comments Accepted Through December 17; Public Hearings to be Held Statewide, December 2014/January 2015

Neil Gifford Brings Good News, June/July 2015

Henry Diamond, First DEC Commissioner, Dies, March/April 2016

Neil Gifford - Good News about the Pine Bush Sept/Oct 2016

Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Releases 2017 Draft Management Plan Update, Nov/Dec 2016

There would be no Pine Bush Today without Save the Pine Bush and Rezsin Adams, March/April 2017

Save the Pine Bush Volunteers Win Victory for Open Records, June/July 2017

Neil Gifford Presents A Pine Bush Update, April/May 2018

Pine Bush Commission may soon be able to buy land in revolving fund, August/September 2018


People of Albany United for Safe Energy — PAUSE

People of Albany United for Safe Energy — PAUSE Year in Review, Jan/Feb 2017
PAUSE/Zero Waste, October/November 2018


What the Politicians Say

Candidates Night - Remember to Vote! Lasagna & Politics, Aug/Sept 01
Ken Runion Visits Save the Pine Bush
, May/ June 00
SPB meets with Bill Aylward, Mar/Apr 96
Earth Day Lasagna-Wasserman Headlines Gathering Of Activists, May/June 96
Breslin Calls For Preservation, Oct 96
Remember The Elections? Be Thankful We Still Have Them, Feb/Mar 97
Letters To SPB - Honorable Keith St. John Writes, Apr/May 97
Revolution, Treason and Hypnotism - Guilderland Comes of Age, Apr/May 97
The Two Month Debate- Jennings and McEneny In A Death-Grip, Aug/Sept 97
Candidates Night at SPB - Common Council Presidential Candidates Speak to Save the Pine Bush, Oct 97
Guilderland CandidatesNight At SPB, Nov 97
Jack Fights Back- McEneny Debates A Letter, Aug/Sept 98
The Proposed Albany City Charter: For Better or For Worse - Read why community leaders believet the proposed Albany City Charter should be voted down. , Oct/Nov 98
Politics and Garbage - That Sweet Smell , Oct/Nov 98
Peter Vallone For Governor - A Superb Environmentalist, Oct/Nov 98
Democracy Survives -Just Barely Once Again, Dec 98/Jan 99
Guilderland Holds Steady - History In The Making?, April/May 99

Mayor Jennings' Bankrupt Pine Bush Policy And Loss of Words Exposed - July/Aug 99
Michael Breslin Speaks, Oct/Nov 99
The Honorable Jack McEneny Reports on the Legislature, Jul/Aug 03
David Soares, Candidate for Albany County District Attorney, Sept/Oct 04
Shawn Morris Speaks to Save the Pine Bush, Aug/Sept 05

Assemblywoman Pat Fahy and Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk After the Election: Doing the Peoples’ Work, March/April 201
Mayor Kathy Sheehan Speaks to Save the Pine Bush, Jan/Feb, 2014

Public Advocate Dominick Calsolaro, August/September, 2014

Michael McLaughlin, Director of Research for Albany County Executive Dan McCoy Speaks to SPB, August/September, 2014

Why is the Green Party challenging the Governor? Theresa Portelli Speaks to SPB, October/November, 2014

Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy Speaks about the Environment and Legislation, October/November, 2014

City of Albany Office of Energy and Sustainability Visits Save the Pine Bush, May/June 2015
Candidates Night August 16 Save the Pine Bush Dinner, June/July 2017
Judith Enck Speaks - How Can We Reverse the Tide of Trump’s Plan to Eliminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? —
Part I
August/September 2017

Furry (and not-so-furry) Pine Bush Residents

DEC reintroduces box turtles in Albany Pine Bush Experiment, Jul 97
Black Bear Encounter in the Pine Bush, Aug 98
Spadefoot Toads and Hognose Snakes - Neil Gifford Has Great Pictures, Dec 98/Jan 99
The Deer Crisis - No Easy Answers, April/May 99

Black Locust Have Some Good Uses!, Oct/Nov 00

Camera Study of Pine Bush Meat-eaters, Dec 00/Jan 01
Carnivores in the Pine - Bush Roland Kays Explains Which, Where & Who Cares , Feb/Mar 02

From a key observer of life: a plea to save biodiversity, May/June 02

Study Links Lyme Disease, Rural Building, Reprinted from the Times Union, Thursday, January 9, 2003

Clear-cutting: (Believe it or Not ) Can Sometimes Be Good for the Pine Bush, June 04

Coyotes in the Pine Bush, Dec 04/Jan 05

Turkey vultures in pitch pine trees -- Really Cool Photos by Sandra Camp, Nov/Dec 05

New York State’s Most Successful Predators – Coyotes & Fishers, Jun/Jul 07

Surveys seek to define status of night birds, from the Assoicated Press, Sept/Oct 08

Buckmoth Monitoring, October/November, 2009

Nighthawks, July/August 2010

Researcher: Coyote is Part Wolf, November/December 2010

Fishers in the Pine Bush!, July/August 2011

New York state going dark to save birds, May/June 2015


Save the Pine Bush Raises Money

Albany Pine Bush Sketches - A Collection of 22 oil paintings of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, August 5 to October 31
Thank You to All Who Responded to the Emergency Appeal

Books for Butterflies, Feb/Mar 02
Garage Sale Sucess! A Big Thnk You to Volunteers, Dec 03/Jan 04


Walk, Hike, and Bike the Pine Bush

1st Annual Pine Bush Walk-a-Thon a Sucess!
Save the Pine Bush X-Country Ski Update, Feb/Mar 04

Albany Pine Bush Nature Cache:
Participation Encourages Public Land Stewardship
, Aug/Sept 05
Equinox - Earth Day - Every Day, March/April, 2012
Save the Pine Bush GIS Class, January/February 2012
Save the Pine Bush GIS Class, May/June, 2012
Our June 23rd Hike in the Pine Bush, August/September 2018

Related Environmental Stories (PCBs, Pesticides, Other

Save the Pine Bush Makes it to New Hampshire, Aug/Sept 01
Making Good in Their Own Hometown
- EPA Honors Aaron Mair and Farnsworth Middle School, May/ June 00
Zero Cut - End the Logging on our National Forests, May/ June 00
No Butterfly Releases - Throw Rice, Not Butterflies at Weddings, May/ June 00
Interview with Helen Caldicott, Aug/Sept 98
Jerry Mueller brings Lasagna to Nicaragua - The Pine Bush as Example for the World, August/September 00
Ward Stone and the West Nile Virus Oct/Nov 00
Monarch Butterfly Conservation Crisis Oct/Nov 00
More on the West Nile Virus, Dec 00/Jan 01
Arbor Hill Environmental Justice Asks for a Cleaner Patroon Creek, Dec 00/Jan 01
The Pine Bush and Bombs, Oct/Nov 02
The Pine Bush and Bombs -- A Correction, Jan/Feb 03
The Pine Bush and Bombs Part II, Jan/Feb 03
The Patroon Creek and the Pine Bush , Jan/Feb 03
Earth Day Update, Five Speakers Tell Us the State of the Earth at April’s Dinner, May/June 03
Buy High Point, Don’t Let It be Sold Out, May/June 04
Ward Stone Speaks about the Most Important Environmental Problems of Our Time, Sept/Oct 04
At life's end, what's a proper burial for a bulb? - Mercury in energy-efficient fluorescents poses a recycling problem, May/ 07
The Pine Bush Makes the Grade - Sierra Club Included the Pine Bush in America’s Wild Legacy - 52 Places: A Sierra Club Report, Oct/Nov 07
Earth Week Celebration, May/June, 08
Please Complete the Survey!, May/June, 08
Making a Living as a Trash Picker The Landfill in Guatemala City, Nov/Dec 08
Zeroing Out Waste Conference, Nov/Dec 08
Pesticide Reductions Won at Albany Common Council - We can fight City Hall and Win!, October/November, 2009
September Biogas Talk, October/November, 2009
Amicus Brief, January/February 2010
Storm Over the Mountains
- John Wolcott advocates for preserving Thacher Park, March/April 2010
NYS Climate Action Council, March/April 2010

Ward Stone, Environmental Hero, Speaks, July/August 2010
The Great Pesticide Hunt - How Grace Nichols Discovered
the City Violated Their Own Pesticide Ordinance, July/August 2010

Speak Out on Pesticides - Please Come to City Hall on July 14 at 6pm, July/August 2010
We Want Ward in Our Backyard, September/October 2010
The Wonderful Wildlife Pathology Unit, September/October 2010
Time for the City of Albany to Enforce the Pesticide Ordinance, September/October 2010
Environmentalists Honor Ward Stone, November/December 2010
No Frack-ing Way, May/June 2011
Proposed Land Bank in Albany County, October/November 2012
Ward Stone is a Hero, May/June, 2012
Run Away Climate: Steven Leibo, PhD Speaks About Climate Change at Save the Pine Bush Dinner, March/April, 2012
Bonding for Landfill “Restoration”, March/April, 2012
Proclamation Calling on Congress to Fund Urgently Needed Services in Albany County and Throughout the United States by Reducing Military Spending, November, 2012
My Cry, a poem by Grace Nichols, March/April 2013
Forward the Climate — Protest in Washington, DC, March/April 2013
Letter to the Editor, May/June2013
Puerto Rico protects premier turtle nesting site
, May/June2013
Horizontality and Consensus: Group Decision Making for a True Democracy, May/June2013
The Importance of the Tivoli Preserve, September/October, 2013
Historic Rapp Road Community,September/October, 2013
Local Food Waste Update,September/October, 2013
Earth Day Update from NYPIRG and Environmental Advocates, May/June, 2014
Ward Stone Speaks, January/February 2016
Don Reeb— The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, January/February 2016
Hydroelectric Power from Canada: Bad for the People of Labrador; Bad for Climate Change, May/June 2016
Dan McCoy Speaks at Save the Pine Bush, May/June 2016
Pipeline News, May/June 2016
Landfill Expansion Proposal in the Town of Colonie, Nov/Dec 2016
Albany County & Banning Styrofoam, Jan/Feb 2017
Ecosystem Commonalities and the Albany Pine Bush, Jan/Feb 2017
Step up and Advocate for the Styrofoam Ban in Albany County!, March/April 2017
Albany County Legislature Rejects Banning Polystyrene Foam, May/June 2017
The Future of Solid Waste in Albany Everyone Needs to Join the Discussion! , June/July 2017
The Potential of Community Choice Aggregation August/September 2018
The Islands of Radix Center, October/November 2018
Pollinator-Friendly County Resolution to be introduced in the face of alarming flying insect declines, October/November 2018
Truck Traffic in Rensselaer: Update, October/November 2018
Strategy & the Story Behind the Albany County Styrofoam Ban, December 20189/January 2019
Solid Waste Transfer Facility Proposed on the Banks of the Hudson, December 20189/January 2019
Letters to the Editor of the Times Union, December 20189/January 2019
Legislation to Protect Pollinators, February/March 2019
Honoring Lou Ismay at the April SPB Dinner, June/July 2019
Done with the Dunn Dump, June/July 2019
DEC is Derelict its Duty — Not Requiring Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements, June/July 2019
Albany Now a Pollinator-Friendly County, June/July 2019

Related Stories, Civil Rights

Special book signing for, Son of Mountains-My Life as a Kurd and a Terror Suspect, by Yassin Aref, July/Aug 08
In the Shade of a Tree, July/Aug 08
Sad News— Update on Yassin Aref’s Appeal
, Sept/Oct 08
Waiting for Mercy, the movie about Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain, Jan/Feb 09
United National Antiwar Conference to be Held in Albany - Why Save the Pine Bush Supporters Need to Attend,July/August 2010
The road to justice is paved with truth,September/October, 2013

PAUSE Corrects the Record on the Bank Protest,March/April 2017
Anerobic digester and the Albany Landfill, April/May 2018
Landfill truck traffic in Rensselaer affecting quality of life for residents, April/May 2018
DEC’s Top Brass Must Suffer from Anosmia Update on the Dunn Landfill, February/March 2019
Brief History of the Draft Coeymans Clean Air Law — Vote expected in February 2019, February/March 2019

Urban Issues

Location Is Everything - Kunstler Offers Solutions, June/July, 1998
City Strangles Downtown Growth, Jan/Feb 96
Driving Backwards - Transportation Committee Shuns The Future, Feb/Mar 97
Home From Nowhere - Book Review, Feb/Mar 97
Albany Area Coalition for Light Rail, Dec 97
Creek's Bend Cohousing, Dec 97
Creek's Bend Cohousing - Another Perspective, Jan 98
Divided Highways, Mar/Apr 98
Location Is Everything - Kunstler Offers Solutions, June/July 98
Letters to the Editor, Aug/Sept 00
Exploring Bus Service to the Pine Bush, Aug/Sept 00
Size of the Albany County Legislature, May/June, 2014
Hey, Everyone! Time to Get on the Bus!, December 2014/January 2015

Even Environmentalists Have a Sense of Humor

Albany Pine Bush Devil?!? Must Be April Fools, Apr/May 97
Devil Eats Developer - Massive Coverup Alleged, Mar/Apr 98
The Devil In Skaneateles - Wealthy Developer Deplores Development, April/May 99

Holiday Party, Feb/Mar 02

Crossword Puzzle - Try your hand at our first Save the Pine Bush Crossword puzzle! Oct/Nov 03


Friends We Have Lost

Dr. Robert Raymond Passed Away The Pine Bush Loses a Friend
Save the Pine Bush Loses A Very Dear Friend, Louise Burch, March/April 2013
Save the Pine Bush loses a friend Peter J.R. Buttner, June/July 2015
Peter Henner, we lost you much too soon, October, 2016
Thank you, Peter!, August/September 2017
Richard Kavanaugh, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Save the Pine Bush Brief History and Summary

Steve Downs Tells the Legal History of Save the Pine Bush at SPB’s 40th Birthday Party —Part 1, April/May 2018

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