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Save the Pine Bush Comments on Proposed Hotel

written by Lynne Jackson << Previous Begin Next>> Creation of a Viable Preserve The Applicant in the DEIS, goes to great lengths to show that a 2,000 acre fire-manageable Preserve has been attained. However, since the court cases listed by the Applicant, scientific research has shown that a viable preserve must be much larger than

Save the Pine Bush

Proposed Hotel in the Pine Bush     Hotel Update: Oral Arguements in the NY Court of Appeals Tuesday, September 15 at 2:00 The Court of Appeals is next door to Albany City Hall. This is an extremely significant case, and could, if we win change who has standing in SEQRA cases. Click here to

Save the Pine Bush Court Cases

Save the Pine Bush has been in almost litigation to preserve the Pine Bush since February 6, 1978. With the advent of PDF documents, it is now possible for Save the Pine Bush to inexpensively give the public access to our lawsuits. Click the links to download the files. Some are quite large, please be

Save the Pine Bush

by Steve Downs   ALBANY: On September 15, 2009, Save the Pine Bush will argue before the Court of Appeals that it was entitled to standing in the case of the proposed Mariott Hotel case. In 1991 the Court of Appeals decided in the Society of Plastics v. Suffolk County, that the test for standing

Save the Pine Bush Wins in Lawsuit Against the City of Albany

ALBANY: The Pine Bush has won out over the City of Albany. Judge Thomas J. McNamara ruled on Monday that Save the Pine Bush prevailed in their lawsuit filed over the proposed construction of a hotel in the Pine Bush on Karner Blue Butterfly habitat. Attorney Stephen Downs represented Save the Pine Bush in the

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Save the Pine Bush Court Cases

Save the Pine Bush has been in almost litigation to preserve the Pine Bush since February 6, 1978. In November 2020, Save the Pine Bush filed a lawsuit against the Town of Guilderland, regarding a proposed Crossgates Mall expansion that would include a large residential development on a wooded parcel on Rapp Road and a

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