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Taking Lyme Fight to the Field

Cases of Lyme disease might be reduced by switching the focus from people and vaccinating the animals that carry it, a new study suggests. Writing in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers described an experiment in which they caught white-footed mice in a wooded area of roughly 3,000 acres in Connecticut, vaccinated Taking Lyme Fight to the Field

Save the Pine Bush Sues Crossgates Mall

ALBANY, NY — Save the Pine Bush and the Alliance for Environmental Renewal filed suit February 2 in the United States District court for the Northern District of New York against Pyramid Crossgates over its violation of its waste water permit for the past three years. Pyramid Crossgates has a State Pollution Discharge Elimination System Save the Pine Bush Sues Crossgates Mall

My Cry

by Grace Nichols One Quarter of ALL Mammals are on the verge of extinction; The American Academy of Sciences said it a few years ago — We couldn’t even get a headline None had the time to hang a banner. I used to think we could sue our way to salvation Postage stamps Skin grafts My Cry

Plant linked to Lyme risk

By BRIAN NEARING Staff Writer 2010 ALBANY — Honeysuckle smells sweet and its red berries make a colorful splash in the fall, but this flowering shrub may be a magnet for deer with ticks that spread Lyme disease. A recent academic study found that areas around dense thickets of honeysuckle are 10 times more likely Plant linked to Lyme risk