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Save the Pine Bush Zoom Meeting – Wednesday, May 15 2024, at 6:30 p.m.

Neil Gifford Conservation Director for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Restoring Pine Bush Ecosystem Healththrough Management Neil will speak about how managing native scrub oak trees can restore the health of the Pine Bush ecosystem. Neil will discuss the Commission’s research on habitat restoration that includes such techniques as mechanical, chemical and prescribed fire Save the Pine Bush Zoom Meeting – Wednesday, May 15 2024, at 6:30 p.m.


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Here are some helpful tools to help you research development and land use changes in Albany Pine Bush. Properties on the Planning Board Agendas See our Planning Board Agenda Tracker. Search a Property You can search a property here, however it must be in a very specific format to match the tax record, like this Research

Pine Bush Proposed Projects

Pine Bush Proposed Projects html, body, #map-canvas { height: 100%; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; } .lidarBase { filter: brightness(140%) contrast(100%) !important; } .baseLayer, .dblsatBase, .grayscale, .multiplyOverlay, .mapwarp { mix-blend-mode: multiply !important; } .dblsatBase { filter: saturate(150%) contrast(110%) brightness(130%); } .grayscale { filter: grayscale(100%); } .invert { filter: invert(100%) grayscale(100%) contrast(200%) brightness(150%); opacity: 1.0; } .shadow Pine Bush Proposed Projects

24 New Karner Road Senior Living Facility – Speak out on July 13th

Dear All, In two weeks, the Town of Guilderland will hold an in-person hearing on Pine Bush Senior Living PUD-24 New Karner Road on Tuesday July 13. The Town Board meeting begins at 7 PM This project was approved in 2015, but, it appears that the developer never broke ground. See the Altamont Enterprise article: 24 New Karner Road Senior Living Facility – Speak out on July 13th

Dan McCoy Speaks at Save the Pine Bush

by Tim Truscott   There has been plenty of energy pipeline news in the Capital Region of New York during the month of April. Here is some of it: Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline “Suspended” On April 20, Kinder Morgan, the developer for the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) 30-inch diameter natural gas pipeline, announced it was Dan McCoy Speaks at Save the Pine Bush

Proposed Crossgates Development

by Lynne Jackson GUILDERLAND, NY: Rapp Road Development, a corporate entity of Pyramid/Crossgates, is proposing to build on about 46 acres of land. Originally, the proposal was to build 222 apartments on 20 acres of land adjacent to the Pine Bush preserve. After the Town Planning Board appointed themselves the lead agency, the project was Proposed Crossgates Development

Welcome to Save the Pine Bush!

46 years of fighting for the Pine Bush A great time to visit the Pine Bush The lupine are in bloom and the Karner Blues are out! May / June 2024 Newsletter Explore nearly 35 years of Newsletters Articles Ordered by Subject View Albany Pine Bush from 1952 through Present Day with Tax Maps, Preserve Welcome to Save the Pine Bush!

May / June 2024 Newsletter

Save the Pine Bush Zoom Meeting May Evening Hike Proposed Developments in the Pine Bush in the Town of Colonie New York is Not Disposable • In-Person Rally & Advocacy Day City of Albany Landfill to Close in January, 2027 John Wolcott — Historian, Founder of Save the Pine Bush, Dies Environmental News Good News May / June 2024 Newsletter