Here are some helpful tools to help you research development and land use changes in Albany Pine Bush.

Properties on the Planning Board Agendas

See our Planning Board Agenda Tracker.

Search a Property

You can search a property here, however it must be in a very specific format to match the tax record, like this describing the property: 20 New Karner Rd, Town of Guilderland. If you don’t have that level of detail or nothing is returned, you should use the Google Spreadsheet below, search for the property and then click on the link in the spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you can search by Tax Map ID, such as 41.00-2-63. This is a best way to search if you know the Tax ID number to avoid pulling the wrong record.

If you know the coordinates of the parcel you are interested in you can search by those too.

The Preserve Today

Albany Pine Bush Preserve and Study Area:

  • Green areas have been preserved, yellow areas are conservation easements.
  • Blue border represents area under study by Albany Pine Bush Commission for potential preservation and management as Pine Bush, area defined by Article 46 of Environmental Conservation Law

Proposed Developments we are tracking:

The Preserve Tomorrow

Albany Pine Bush Commission Vision Plan, by commission preservation recommendation:

  • Albany Pine Bush Preserve (Green), Conservation Easements (Yellow), Areas Recommend for Full Protection by APBC (Red), Areas Recommend for Partial Protection by APBC (Orange), Areas Recommend as Open Space (Blue)

Historic Topographic Maps

Compare 1893, 1927/30, 1953/54/55, 1980, 1995, 2020 Topographic Maps:

  • This shows the USGS Topographic Maps for the Albany Pine Bush Study Area, showing development over the years.
  • Areas shown in green are current preserve, while yellow areas are conservation easements.

Current Property Property Ownership

Save the Pine Bush put together a spreadsheet that brings together the following data for each property in the Albany Pine Bush study area:

  • Links to Save the Pine Bush Tax Mapper, Google Maps, Albany County Tax Maps (PDF)
  • 2021 Albany County Tax Rolls (base data)
  • 2020 NYS Office of Real Property Services Tax Rolls (* some records do not match county tax rolls as maps have changed slightly)
  • 2017 Albany Pine Bush Commission Vision Plan (* joined in GIS software, may occasionally match bordering properties due to mapping inaccuracies)

This data can help volunteers spot proposed developments in Albany Pine Bush, including in areas that the Albany Pine Bush Commission recommends for full protection. This document is fully searchable and can be filtered in Excel. It contains over 9,300 property tax records and 117 columns, so it’s recommended you either use Microsoft Excel 2010+ or the free LibreOffice 7.2+ that can support opening large files. To filter the document, you may need to take the file out of protected mode.

Google Spreadsheet:

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet: Pine Bush Parcels.xlsx

Explanation of the Commissions Pine Bush Scoring System (shown on Columns CO-DK in the above spreadsheet)

From page 52 of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission 2017 Management Plan Update:

Consistent with the approach used in previous plans, the value assigned to each criterion was based on the area’s contribution to the viability of the Preserve. Those that contribute more received a higher possible maximum score (e.g. 20). Conversely, those that are less critical to the viability of the Preserve (but still important Pine Bush resources) received a lower possible maximum score. By assigning an area scores for each of the criteria and summing their values, the total scores provided the basis for determining protection recommendations. The scores and scoring criteria are outlined in Table 9 and are consistent with previous Management Plans.

The range of scores possible for each criterion reflects its relative importance within the ranking system. Pitch pine-scrub oak barrens, linkages, and Karner blues were ranked highest (i.e. maximum score of 20) on the basis of rarity and importance. Although buffer areas are very important to maintaining the integrity of the Preserve, they are somewhat less critical to Preserve viability than linkages, pitch pine-scrub oak barrens, and the presence of Karner blues. Buffers are most important where they facilitate fire management. For this reason, areas within 500 feet of Preserve lands that can currently be managed with fire received a high score of 16. Without such buffers, Commission experience has been that habitat restoration and management with fire is extremely difficult.

Google Spreadsheet (see 2017 Vision Plan APBC tab):

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (see 2017 Vision Plan APBC tab): Pine Bush Parcels.xlsx

Area LocationArea NumberPPSO 4-20LinkKarner BlueBufferWater ResourcesHist. Arch.Total ScoreAcresPreserve GoalMunicipality
17 Vision TRACT LOCA17 Vision TRACT NO 17 Vision PP SO17 Vision LINK17 Vision KARNER BLU17 Vision BUFFER17 Vision WETLANDS17 Vision HIS ARCH17 Vision TOTAL SCOR17 Vision ACRES17 Vision P GOAL
NIMO Prow (West)21a201620201008611.71Open SpaceColonie
NIMO Prow (West)21b201620201008615.31Open SpaceGuilderland
NiMo Prow21d201620101008632.66Open SpaceColonie
N Pine Lane29b20201620558622.83Open SpaceAlbany
N Pine Lane29c8201620105791.15Full ProtectionAlbany
Apollo Drive742020162000761.38Full ProtectionColonie
Pine Lane South842020162000761.46Full ProtectionAlbany
Rifle Range Rd Terminus51a20201601057143.02Open SpaceColonie
SW Morris Rd/Kings Rd53420162010070114.35Full ProtectionColonie
Apollo Drive North762020161000660.96Full ProtectionColonie
Old State Rd West (South)82202016055662.85Full ProtectionGuilderland
Wetland S Albany St35a16201301056471.36Full ProtectionColonie
Wetland S Albany St35b16201301056429.49Full ProtectionColonie
Wetland S Albany St35c16201301056434.62Full ProtectionColonie
Wetland S Albany St35d162013010564121.31Full ProtectionColonie
Wetland S Albany St35e16201301056430.52Full ProtectionColonie
Wetland S Albany St35f1620130105647.11Full ProtectionColonie
Wetland S Albany St35g16201301056460Full ProtectionColonie
Apollo Drive West751220161005634.86Full ProtectionColonie
Rifle Range Rd Terminus51b2020160056111.75Open SpaceColonie
N Prow & E Rapp Rd62202016005616.72Full ProtectionAlbany
NW Rt 155/Rt 203161613010560116.32Full ProtectionGuilderland
NW Morris Rd/Kings Rd south52c8161301056018.61Full ProtectionColonie
NW Morris Rd/Kings Rd south52d816130105609.56Full ProtectionColonie
S. Frontage Rd Terminus78420162000606.24Full ProtectionAlbany
Rt 155 Corridor368161320005735.21Open SpaceAlbany
N Hungerkill/W Ravine bottom33b8201301055666.11Open SpaceGuilderland
NW Morris Rd/Kings Rd52a82013010556120.89Full ProtectionColonie
NW Morris Rd/Kings Rd south52b8201301055681.61Full ProtectionColonie
Michael Drive North71a8201301055651.75Full ProtectionColonie
Michael Drive South71b8201301055665.46Full ProtectionColonie
Between Kings Rd & Curry Rd72a8161601055567.04Full ProtectionColonie
Between Kings Rd & Curry Rd72b122016201055586.61Full ProtectionColonie
NiMO Prow21c8162001005435.78Open SpaceColonie
Rifle Range Rd Terminus258201601005431.87Open SpaceColonie
N Pine Lane29a2020130005312.02Full ProtectionAlbany
Btween Kings/Morris/Curry431220160505354.66Full ProtectionColonie
Btween Conrail/Morris/Kings44a820160504996.73Full ProtectionColonie
Between Curry Rd & I-9073416910554996.44Full ProtectionGuilderland
W of Rt 155 (South)9416130105484.02Full ProtectionAlbany
Between Kings and Curry Ext.17c1616160004826.76Full ProtectionColonie
Golf Course Area2841613010548144.69Open SpaceGuilderland
Cordell Rd North70816901054886.89Full ProtectionColonie
Dennis Terrace83122016000481.73Full ProtectionColonie
Kings Rd East86122016000481.65Full ProtectionColonie
W Rapp Rd S57420160054517.36Partial ProtectionGuilderland
Between Curry & Thruway (West)554169010544149.32Full ProtectionGuilderland
Btween Lydius & Thruway18416160554286.19Full ProtectionGuilderland
Ravine Corrider/N Willow St46016901054064.7Open SpaceGuilderland
Apollo Dr.8781616000401.4Full ProtectionColonie
N Watervliet/S Conrail270161301003924.19Full ProtectionColonie
NW Conrail/N-way24416130503815.86Open SpaceColonie
Btween Curry & Thruway East17a121690003760.54Full ProtectionGuilderland
Btween Curry & Thruway17b12169000379.54Full ProtectionGuilderland
NE Wash Ave Ext/Rt 1554216129000377.88Full ProtectionAlbany
Btween Conrail/Morris/Kings44b81613000377.63Full ProtectionColonie
Brookview Drive60412901003772.27Partial ProtectionGuilderland
Landfill230201600036137.41Open SpaceAlbany
S Blueberry Hill61200160003611.28Full ProtectionGuilderland
SW Rens Lake34120130100359.01Full ProtectionAlbany
Morris Street59016901053435.27Partial ProtectionColonie
Conrail220201300033116.37Open SpaceColonie
Cook Park38401301053241.23Open SpaceColonie
Wetland NW of City Preserve3180130553167.04Partial ProtectionColonie
E of Route 155 (North)774166050314.77Full ProtectionColonie
SW Morris/Curry Rd54416900029229.98Full ProtectionGuilderland
S Hungerkill/N of Rt 2032409010528366.14Partial Protection Guilderland
NE Conrail/Northway30160001002622.24Partial ProtectionColonie
N Hungerkill/Town Park33d8013005267.14Open SpaceGuilderland
SW of Madison Ave Ext/Rt 155454160005250.89Partial ProtectionAlbany
Cemetery818090052243.69Open SpaceGuilderland
Old State Rd West (North)8000160502145.61Open SpaceGuilderland