Save the Pine Bush Court Cases & Proposed Developments Index

Recent Court Cases

State Employees Federal Credit Union

Save the Pine Bush Wins – SEFCU To Move Away, Feb/Mar 02

Avila House Senior Housing, located behind Teresian House on Washington Avenue Extension

Save the Pine Bush Sues Over Senior Housing in the Pine Bush – Proposed Project to be built behind Teresian House, Dec 01/Jan 02 Save the Pine Bush – Loses Teresian House Case, May/June 02

Charlie Touhey & 300 Washington Avenue Extension

Save the Pine Bush Loses a Round – Judge Teresi Rules in Favor of Charlie Touhey, May/June 00 They Don’t Ever Quit – But Neither Do We, May/June 96 Albany Common Council Denies Dunes Residents Chance to be Heard, July/Aug 96 Save the Pine Bush Joins with Residents of the Dunes to Win Big – Charlie Touhey Cannot Build His Office Buildings, Sept 96 Charlie’s At It Again! – Touhey proposes housing units in the Pine Bush, Dec96/Jan97 Touhey’s Obsession And Other News, Jan 98 Proposals for Paving the Pine Bush Come Fast and Furiously -Guilderland, Albany consider destroying Full Protection Areas, Mar/Apr 98 Action Alert! Touhey Gets A Boost – Politicians Defy Voters, June/July 98 Write To Your Alderman to Oppose the Touhey Office Complex, June/July 98 Action Alert! Call your Common Council Member – Ask to Vote No on Touhey- April/May 99 Second Time within 6 Weeks -Albany Common Council Votes Against Pine Bush – Approves Charlie Touhey’s Office Complex, Jul/Aug 99 Save the Pine Bush Sues City – Back in Court with Charlie Touhey, Oct/Nov 99 Touhey Builds While Save the Pine Bush Goes to Court – Dec 00/Jan 01


Willow Street – A Developer Takes Land from Preserve

Developer Takes Preserve to Build Water Lines – Save the Pine Bush Sues the Albany Pine Bush Management Commission & Others, Jan 98 Judge Cobb Grants Injunction – State Defends Pine Bush, Mar/Apr 98 Save the Pine Bush Forces Developer to Remove Water Lines from Pine Bush Preserve – Victory for the Pine Bush!!!, Aug/Sept 98 Willow Street Again, SPB Sues over Sewers Built in the Preserve, DEC Caves in to Developer, Dec 98/Jan 99

Crossgates Maul

Crossgates Shouldn’t Expand- But Who Will Stop Them?, June/July, 1998 War On Crossgates – The Community Fights Back, Aug/Sept. 98 Residents Organize! – How to get involved to Stop Crossgates Crossgates Information – How the Media Covers the Maul Pyramid Goes To Court Sprawl Malls Need Lawyers, Too -July/Aug 1999  

Drumlin Fields, 46-acre office complex on Rapp Road

The Pine Bush Wins! – State Buys Site of Proposed Office Complex, May/ June 00   Action Alert! Oppose Drumlin Fields Office Complex: Five Minutes to Help Save the Pine Bush – No matter where you live, please, call an Alderman about Drumlin Fields, Dec 98/Jan 99

Drumlin Fields – Its Not Over ’til Its Over (There is still time to call your Council Member!). Feb/Mar, 99

Council Sacrifices Pine Bush – Nitido, Hershberg Win, April/May 99

Save the Pine Bush Sues Albany Common Council Over Illegal Office Complex -July/Aug 1999

Guilderland YMCA

Is There a ‘Y’ in Guilderland?, Aug/Sept 97 Let Your Voice Be Heard! – Don’t Let Them Take Land from Preserve!, Nov 97 Surprise! They Can’t Build There -YMCA May Move, Mar/Apr 98 Gotta Watch’em Like Hawks – Can’t Trust Nobody -July/Aug 1999

No Vinyl Golf Dome – We Won!

Victory in Colonie! Vinyl Golf Driving Range Proposal Withdrawn, Nov 97 Save the Pine Bush Wins A Round – TNC Buys 19 Acres
Where Vinyl Golf Dome Proposed, May/June 02

Suing the Town of Colonie over a GEIS – We Won!

Town of Colonie – Will It or Won’t It Destroy Its Pine Bush?, Jul/Aug 96 Save the Pine Bush Sues the Town of Colonie, Oct 96 Save the Pine Bush Sues the Town of Colonie, Dec96/Jan97 Victory In Colonie SPB Stops GEIS, Feb/Mar 97 SPB and Town Agree – Colonie Signs Settlement, Apr/May 97

Adventure Park in the Pine Bush – We Won!

SPB Enjoys Another Victory – Adventure Park Parcel Added to the Preserve, Oct 96

Water Slide Park in the Pine Bush – We Won!

A Brief Historical Note on the Six Mile Waterworks (Rensselaer Lake), July/Aug 96 McEneny Tables Water Slide for Pine Bush on Six Mile Waterworks, July/Aug 96

Suing Pryamid Crossgates

Love Of Money The Root Of All…?, Mar/Apr 96 Murdered By Pyramid: It Could Happen Here, Mar/Apr 96 The Karner Blue vs Crossgates Mall – Secret Meetings and SEQRA Violation, Dec96/Jan97 Crossgates Shouldn’t Expand- But Who Will Stop Them?, June/July 98 FORCE Fights Pyramid – Guilderland Citizens Organize , Oct/Nov 98 A Proposal – For Guilderland Officials Crossgates Warning: Stay Away For The Holidays, Dec 98/Jan 99 Our Friends Visit – FORCE Is Here To Stay, Feb/Mar 99

Crossgates Follies – The Government Plays Catch-Up, Feb/Mar 99

The City of Albany Landfill in the Pine Bush

John Wolcott Versus The Dump – Skewering An Inane Document, Oct 96 Jennings Makes A Dump – Plans To Defile Pine Bush, Dec 98/Jan 99 Garbage in the Pine Bush – City Proposes Landfill Expansion, Dec 99/Jan 00 SPB Sues City & DEC Over Illegal Landfill in the Pine Bush, Aug/Sept 00

Save the Pine Bush Loses First Round on Landfill – Clean Water takes a Dive to Garbage, Dec 00/ Jan 01


Rao Disaster – We Lost

Rao Disaster-End Of The Legal Road

Loop Road/Columbia Circle – We Lost

SPB Needs Your Help to Fight Road, Jan/Feb 96

365 Washington Avenue Extension – More Unneeded Sprawl

Common Council Approves an Office Complex at 365 Washington Avenue Extension – Council Member Carol Wallace Makes Eloquent Plea for the Pine Bush Preservation  

Proposed Developments in the Pine Bush

Roman Catholic Diocese Proposes Senior Housing in the Pine Bush, Karner Blue in Serious Trouble, Aug/Sept 01 SUNYA Destroys Pine Bush for Sprawl, Aug/Sept 01 Lupe – Woodsfield Estates Public Hearing in Guilderland – Housing Development Seeks to Destroy 100 acres of Pine Bush, Feb/Mar 02 Woodsfields Estates – Houses that Should Not Be Built, May/June 02