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If you've come here by using a link from one of the many articles on the endangered Karner Blue that is running internationally, here are answers to what you can do to help us. As you have gathered from reading articles on us, the Karner Blue, and these tough times, we realize it is not so easy any more to look to the world for "big donations". We want you to know that even the smallest donations, $5, $10 (whatever) are extremely important to our legal defense funds for the Karner Blue and saving the Pine Bush. In fact we look to these today as one of the mainstays of our support.

To send a donation, make out checks to:

Save the Pine Bush
and mail checks to:

Save the Pine Bush
c/o Lucy Clark, Treasurer,
2348 Cayuga Road, Niskayuna, NY 12309

Book & Cartoon Orders

In addition to direct tax-deductable donations, there are other ways to help Save the Pine Bush. Book orders for "Nabokov's Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius" (Kurt Johnson and Steve Coates, Zoland 1999) at $27.00 ordered from SPB net SPB 25% profit. Among other fascinating stories, "Nabokov's Blues" tells the story of the Karner Blue, and the book has been called a "surprise hit" by Publishers Weekly magazine.

Thomas McAnany, a cartoonist seen in the New Yorker and Atlantic Monthly magazines, has also done a cute color cartoon of the Karner Blue. Its comes, hand colored and framed, for $30.00 with 25% profit going to SPB. The cartoon caption quips about Nabokov "missing" some blues with his net but "netting" instead a few million on his blockbuster book Lolita. Whatever you can do, keep spreading the word about Nabokov's Karner Blue and Saving the Pine Bush.

For Book Orders, make out checks to

Environmental Affairs, Brooklyn Soc. for Ethical Culture

For Cartoon Orders, make out checks to

Thomas McAnany

Mail all checks to:

Save the Pine Bush
c/o Lucy Clark, Treasurer,
2348 Cayuga Road, Niskayuna, NY 12309

Thank you for your time and interest.

Last updated 4/9/00

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