Sally’s Recycling Corner

By Sally Cummings Sally has researched how many things that are thrown into the trash, that end up in the landfill, can actually be sold and recycled into useful products. Here’s 10 quick tips for reusing coffee grounds, March/April, 2012 Sally’s Recycling Corner –Where Can I Find a Trustworthy E-cycler? July/August, 2011 Sally’s Recycling Corner Sally’s Recycling Corner

Zeroing Out Waste Conference

You are invited to the first statewide Zeroing Out Waste Conference Saturday, November 15, 2008, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM Westminster Presbyterian Church, Use entrance at 85 Chestnut St., Albany , NY 12210 Speakers Include: Neil Seldman, Institute of Local Self Reliance Professor Paul Connett, International Waste Management Researcher Majora Carter, Environmental Justice Leader, Founder Zeroing Out Waste Conference

Yesterday’s News

by Tim Truscott   I recently noticed a fairly new kitty litter product in the pet food aisle of a Hannaford Supermarket. It is called “Yesterday’s News” and is made by Purina from recycled newspapers. The newspaper is pelletized and, as the pellets absorb moisture, they expand. The package claims that the material is 99+ Yesterday’s News

Where Can I Find a Trustworthy E-cycler?

by Amanda Wills,, 11/3/10 Q: What’s a trustworthy place to donate computers? I’m concerned about my privacy and guaranteeing everything will be wiped off the computer’s memory/drives. – Sherry Shapiro A: Many recyclers will guarantee your hard drive is wiped before recycling. However, it’s always best to clear those files yourself before bidding farewell Where Can I Find a Trustworthy E-cycler?

List of Speakers

Every month, Save the Pine Bush volunteers make a vegetarian/vegan lasagna dinner with salad, garlic bread and delicious deserts. Everyone is invited to attend! After dinner, we have a speaker. Here is a partial list of the speakers who have visited Save the Pine Bush over the years. Our Favorite Butterfly, the Karner Blue David List of Speakers


Subscribe to “Dinner with Save the Pine Bush” on iTunes! Table of Contents Dan Van Riper from speaks about The Proposed Sewage Treatment Plant in Lincoln Park, May 16, 2019 Anne Pope, Rev Sam Johnson and Stephanie Woodard speak about The Rapp Road Historical Association, January 16, 2019 Ward Stone, Former NYS Wildlife Pathologist and Keith Podcasts

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Search Newsletter Archives: What is Full Protection, Partial Protection and who is the Pine Bush? – By Lynne Jackson – June / July 2022 Newsletter A Tribute To Lew Oliver, our wonderful lawyer The Pine Bush’s Most Famous Resident – The Karner Blue Butterfly Save the Pine Bush Victories and Fights The Thruway Authority Comes Newsletters Articles Ordered by Subject