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The Appellate Court hearing on the SCRAP (Selkirk, Coeymans, Ravena Against Pollution) members’ case against the City of Albany will be held on September 5, 2007 at 1pm on the fifth floor of the Justice Building at the Empire State Plaza (for directions, email Jim Travers at It is the plaintiffs’ contention that the News from our SCRAP Friends

Burn Tires vs. Clean Air

ALBANY, NY: Paul Tick and Tina Lieberman spoke at the January 15, 2020 SPB dinner about plans by Lafarge to burn tire at its cement factory in Ravena, twelve miles south of Albany. Paul began his comments with saying that when he moved to the capital region 32 years ago, he immediately looked for activists Burn Tires vs. Clean Air


by Lynne Jackson ALBANY, NY: The July SPB veggie lasagna dinner at the First Presbyterian Church was a forum for a bevy of politicians. Everyone came out to support Pine Bush preservation, a welcome change from previous elections. Candidates from Albany, most facing primaries in September attended as well as Ken Runion, candidate for Guilderland 9

Zero Waste Jazzes Up the City of Albany

The City of Albany is about to hold its first ever Zero Waste Festival! Albany’s Riverfront Jazz Festival is slated to celebrate its 17th anniversary on Saturday, September 8th from 1-9 pm at Jennings Landing. For the first time this festival will bring its attendees more than great music, Hudson River views and evening fireworks – Zero Waste Jazzes Up the City of Albany

Solid Waste Issues in the City of Albany, the Town of Colonie and the Proposed Changes in the NYS Solid Waste Regulations

by Tom Ellis ALBANY. NY: There is much to report on issues regarding solid wastes. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC or En Con)) DEC held a public hearing in Albany to receive comments on proposed revisions to its Part 360 regulations, DEC is assisting the Town of Colonie with its landfill expansion application,” Solid Waste Issues in the City of Albany, the Town of Colonie and the Proposed Changes in the NYS Solid Waste Regulations

Landfill Committee forming

by Diana Wright Given the plight of the Albany City Landfill and the dismaying information gathered at the 3 forums held by the City last month, PAUSE would like to form a committee to address the landfill dilemma looming over us. We had a preliminary meeting on July 6 to  see what kind of interest Landfill Committee forming

How Can We Reverse the Tide of Trump’s Plan to Eliminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? — Part I

by Hugh Johnson ALBANY. NY: Judith Enck, former EPA Regional Director of New York State’s Region II, and until recently the first visiting Scholar at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, spoke at the Save the Pine Bush vegetarian lasagna dinner at the Westminster Presbyterian Church on June 21. Like many Americans, How Can We Reverse the Tide of Trump’s Plan to Eliminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? — Part I

Tour Sustainable Materials Management Facilities

  On August 12, the Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center (SU-EFC), in collaboration with the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling (NYSAR³), is sponsoring a special tour highlighting New York State sustainable materials management (SMM) operations including materials recovery facilities, composting facilities, anaerobic digestion systems, reuse centers, and more! At each facility, Tour Sustainable Materials Management Facilities

Michael McLaughlin, Director of Research for Albany County Executive Dan McCoy Speaks to SPB

By Tom Ellis ALBANY, NY: Michael McLaughlin, the Director of Research for Albany County Executive Dan McCoy, was the SPB dinner speaker on May 21, filling in for McCoy who was attending the convention of the NYS Democratic Party.  He said he is involved in many of McCoy’s policies. Mr. McLaughlin said the Polystyrene ban signed by Michael McLaughlin, Director of Research for Albany County Executive Dan McCoy Speaks to SPB

Sally’s Recycling Corner: Tires

by Sally Cummings I have a few tires at home. How can I recycle them? You may be able to return surplus tires to either a tire retailer or a local recycling facility that accepts tires. Be sure to confirm that the facility accepts tires for recycling and check for quantity and size limitations. Some Sally’s Recycling Corner: Tires

Local Food Waste Update

by Sheree Cammer, Troy Compost volunteer Easily compostable organic waste is generated at the rate of an estimated 3/4 pound per person per day in the USA, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Crisis or opportunity? It’s up to us. Inter-Municipal Organics Wate Initiative A resolution approving the City of Troy joining the Inter-Municipal Organics Local Food Waste Update

Letter to the Editor

  Dear SPB, I was concerned when I read “How to get guests to recycle” I thought we were supposed to wash washable recyclables before putting them in the recycling bin. Entertaining is limited for me at 87 years plus, but, I recall how exasperating party guests can be, especially when a guest has had Letter to the Editor

Waste-to-Energy Plant for Bethlehem?

by Tim Truscott   On April 25, the Bethlehem Town Board heard a proposal by a Kentucky-based firm called RST Technologies to develop a trash disposal facility in Glenmont on the tract of land along Route 144 between the Normans Kill and the PSEG electric generating facility. This site was formerly a dump for coal Waste-to-Energy Plant for Bethlehem?

Coeymens Debates Importing Garbage

by Tom Ellis   In 2005, SPB joined forces with the Citizens Environmental Coalition (CEC) and Selkirk-Ravena-Coeymans Against Pollution (SCRAP)  to successfully block the siting of a large regional landfill by the city of Albany on a 363-acre parcel Albany now owns in the town of Coeymans (ten miles south of Albany).  Now a new struggle is unfolding.  Coeymens Debates Importing Garbage

Electronics Recycling a Huge Success

Over 4,000 cars dropped off 250 tons of used electronics at News Channel 13’s annual Electronics Recycling Day at the Taft Furniture parking lot. Much of the success of this electronics recycling event can be attributed to New York State’s new Product Stewardship Law, which went into effect on April 1, 2011. Under this law, Electronics Recycling a Huge Success

Sally’s Recycling Corner

by Sally Cummings GreenDisk is the manufacturer of GreenDisk High Quality Recycled Diskettes and is the world’s leading software recycler. GreenDisk’s Corporate Disposal Program addresses the issues of secure disposal of information assets, wasted storage costs, and the legal liability related to software licenses in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible manner. Personal computer users throw Sally’s Recycling Corner

Sally’s Recycling Corner

Reusable Bags You can help save oceans when you use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Sure, it’s a small step — but it can make a big difference in the health of our oceans.         Published in May/June Newsletter 2010

Zero Waste or Waste Authority?

by Tom Ellis, Citizens’ Environmental Coalition Save the Pine Bush and friends won a partial victory in late February when Clough Harbour & Associates (CHA) revised the preliminary draft solid waste management plan it had issued in mid-December on behalf of a “steering committee” appointed by Albany Mayor Gerald Jennings. CHA faced considerable pressure from Zero Waste or Waste Authority?

DEC’s Dump Hearing December 3, 2008

Trash Talkin’ January is one of the busiest times for cell phone recycling, because so many are replaced or upgraded during the holidays. Since your trusty cell contains not-so-nice materials like arsenic, lead and zinc, keeping it out of a landfill is a must. Even if you think one phone is too small to do DEC’s Dump Hearing December 3, 2008

Albany County & Banning Styrofoam

Tom Ellis ALBANY, NY The Albany County Legislature is considering legislation that would extend the ban on the use of one-time use (take-out) food and beverage polystyrene foam containers from restaurants and eateries with fifteen or more establishments in the US (enacted three years ago) to all restaurants and eateries in the county. A public Albany County & Banning Styrofoam


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Sally’s Recycling Corner

Compiled by Sally Commings   Recycle After you’ve cut back and reused till the cows came home, the next step is one of our favorites here at Earth911: recycling. The act of recycling has become second nature for a lot of us over the years and even if you do it every day, there is Sally’s Recycling Corner

City Can’t Decide!

by Sally Cummings Recycling Paper Environmental Savings For every ton of paper recycled, we ….. Save 463 gallons of oil. Save 7,000 gallons of water. Make 60 pounds less of air pollution. Save 3 cubic yards of landfill space Save 4,100 kilowatt hours of neergy Save 17 trees Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 850 pounds City Can’t Decide!

Roads in the Pine Bush – John Poorman Speaks about the CDTC

by Lynne Jackson ALBANY: John Poorman, Executive Director of the Capital District Regional Planning Commission spoke at the July SPB vegetarian/vegan lasagna dinner. Mr. Poorman began by describing what the Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDTC) is. The CDTC is the designated “Metropolitan Planning Organization” (MPO) for four counties, Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady. Under Roads in the Pine Bush – John Poorman Speaks about the CDTC

Rethink Plans for Disposal Facility

By Hank Pellissier, San Francisco’s garbage dump, the Recology San Francisco Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center, does not throw out much trash. The majority of its rubbish gets productively recycled, at the transfer station at 501 Tunnel Avenue or the Pier 96 sorting facility. Recology, an employee-owned company, oversees the complex operation. Head Rethink Plans for Disposal Facility

Rethink Plans for Disposal Facility

Congratulations to Tom Ellis for his excellent letter-to-the-editor which appeared in Thursday’s Times Union (12/30/10) concerning the SWMP plan, the proposed solid waste authority and the possibility of an incinerator being constrducted in the area. The letter is shown below. In addition to the points Tom made in his letter, it should be mentioned that Rethink Plans for Disposal Facility

Lou Ismay and the Environmental Forum

by Tom Ellis ALBANY, NY: On August 21, Lou Ismay completed the lecture he began in April about his experiences teaching and leading the Environmental Forum course at the University at Albany beginning fifty years ago. Lynne Jackson introduced Lou saying Lou’s office was in the Arts building. Lou hung strings from the ceiling connected Lou Ismay and the Environmental Forum