Save the Pine Bush Newsletters in Date Order

Save the Pine Bush Newsletters in Date Order

Save the Pine Bush Newsletters in Date Order


December 96, January 97 Newsletter

New York to Buy Pineland
Tract From L.I. Scouts

The Karner Blue vs Crossgates
Mall – Secret Meetings and SEQRA Violations

The Karner Blue and the
Wishing Wells

Save the Pine Bush Sues the
Town of Colonie

November SPB Dinner

Now We’ve Got A
Bond Act
– Jeff Jones of Environmental Advocates

– Formaldahyde And Corruption

Poor Folks
Don’t Mind A Garbage Dump In North Albany

Charlie’s At It Again! –
Touhey proposes housing units in the Pine Bush


October/November, 1996

Breslin Calls
For Preservation

SPB Enjoys Another Victory
– Adventure Park Parcel Added to the Preserve

Save the Pine Bush Sues the
Town of Colonie

John Wolcott Versus The Dump –
Skewering An Inane Document

“Farmers” Sue Albany Pine Bush Management Commission

September, 1996 Newsletter

Show Down Over
Roundup – Should Pesticides be used in the Pine Bush????

Save the Pine Bush Joins with
Residents of the Dunes to Win Big
– Charlie Touhey Cannot Build
His Office Buildings


July/August, 1996 Newsletter

Albany Common
Council Denies Dunes Residents Chance to be Heard

A Brief Historical Note on the
Six Mile Waterworks
(Rensselaer Lake)

Water Slide for Pine Bush on Six Mile Waterworks

Teacher Wins Toyota
Tapestry Grant

Town of Colonie – Will It or
Won’t It Destroy Its Pine Bush?

Membership Reminder

May/June Newsletter 1996

Earth Day
Lasagna-Wasserman Headlines Gathering Of Activists
They Don’t Ever Quit – But
Neither Do We
Late Breaking News


March/April Newsletter 1996

Coyotes in the
SPB meets with Bill
Love Of Money The Root Of
Murdered By Pyramid: It
Could Happen Here

January/February Newsletter 1996

Save the Pine Bush Action Alert!
SPB Needs Your Help to Fight Road

City Strangles Downtown Growth
Lasagna Makes You Smarter
Rao Disaster-End Of The Legal Road

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