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Ban Styrofoam in Albany County

by Tom Ellis Albany County legislator Doug “Bullhorn” Bullock has proposed legislation that would ban the use of take-out polystyrene (Styrofoam) food and beverage containers from chain restaurants and eateries in the county.  The proposed bill, called the Food Service Waste Reduction Act, has numerous co-sponsors and may be voted on Tuesday, November 12. A poorly attended public hearing in late Ban Styrofoam in Albany County

New Light on an Old Road

New Light on an Old Road New Light on an Old Road by John Wolcott Save the Pine Bush board member John Wolcott has discovered evidence of a forgotten foot path through the Pine Bush that in the 1600’s and 1700’s ran parallel to the main Albany-Schenectady Road, the Maquas Padt. Here is Part 1 New Light on an Old Road

Action Guide to Citizens

Among the steps people may wish to consider taking are: 1. File lawsuits against the city for reduced property values. Contact your own lawyer or Save the Pine Bush lawyer Peter Henner at 768-8232 or 2. Speak about dump issues at meetings of the Common Council of the City of Albany.  The Common Council Action Guide to Citizens

Albany County & Banning Styrofoam

Tom Ellis ALBANY, NY The Albany County Legislature is considering legislation that would extend the ban on the use of one-time use (take-out) food and beverage polystyrene foam containers from restaurants and eateries with fifteen or more establishments in the US (enacted three years ago) to all restaurants and eateries in the county. A public Albany County & Banning Styrofoam

Save the Pine Bush

by John Wolcott The next piece in the puzzle of “Where is Trader’s Hill?” is an amazing very old parchment map in the Albany City Engineer’s collection. It is the only map known to show Margriets Bergh, and was drawn in January 1773 by Jeremiah Van Rensselaer from a survey done by himself in 1772. Save the Pine Bush

Monarch Butterfly Conservation Crisis

Monarch Butterfly Conservation Crisis Monarch Butterfly Conservation Crisis On September 12, 2000, The New York Times published an urgent warning by noted Monarch butterfly expert Dr. Lincoln P. Brower, and other scientists and conservationists, describing a crisis situation at the Monarch butterfly’s overwintering grounds in central Mexico (The New York Times, Science Times, p. 1). Monarch Butterfly Conservation Crisis

Public Hearings on the Pine Bush

Public Hearings on the Pine Bush Public Hearings on the Pine Bush Make your voice heard about Pine Bush Preservation Monday, April 20, 1998 – There will be a hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Charlie Touhey office complex at 300 Washington Ave Ext and the LaBerge office complex at 365 Washington Public Hearings on the Pine Bush