Press Conference, Public Hearing on Pyramid Crossgates’ request for tax abatement for proposed Costco, Wednesday 6:30 PM. Learn more ...

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Media2.JPG The corporate media photographer comes across the street to photograph me, as I am interviewed for Channel 6.


Protesters arrive Protesters arrive People wait to cross the street to attend the rally.

Another Missing Letter

by Lynne Jackson ALBANY: The Final Environmental Impact Statement submitted by the developer for the proposed Residence Inn is so inadequate, it is appalling. The Albany Common Council must reject this document as incomplete. In analyzing this document, it is difficult to choose which area of inadequacy to attack first. Disappearing Letters First, the FEIS Another Missing Letter

Mall: Drop charge in T-shirt case

GUILDERLAND – The owners of Crossgates Mall late Wednesday asked town police to drop the charge against a man arrested at the mall after he refused to either remove a pro-peace T-shirt or leave the mall. The arrest of Stephen F. Downs, 61, of Selkirk, on a charge of trespassing led to a protest at Mall: Drop charge in T-shirt case


More Talking.JPG Protesters ventrue across the street to speak with police.


The March The March At the first intersection, we could look across the street, and see the marchers returning.


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Efforts to Close the Dunn Dump Continue: All Trucks Enroute to the Dump Violate Traffic Laws

by Tom Ellis RENSSELAER, NY: Efforts to close the Waste Connections Dunn construction and demolition debris landfill in Rensselaer continue despite little news coverage of the ongoing public health crisis. The dump is located on a hilltop at the end of Partition Street, borders the Rensselaer public school campus, a cemetery, and in between Rensselaer Efforts to Close the Dunn Dump Continue: All Trucks Enroute to the Dump Violate Traffic Laws