Verified Petition, Januar 17, 2006

STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ALBANY                   SUPREME COURT _________________________________________________ In the Matter of the Application of                                                SAVE THE PINE BUSH, INC., REZSIN ADAMS, SANDRA CAMP, SHARON CASTERLIN, LUCY CLARK, LYNNE JACKSON, MARTHA MASTERS JOHN WOLCOTT, PETER VAN NOSTRAND and RUSSELL ZIEMBA,                                                                               Case No. 1 AFFIRMATION                                                             Petitioners,

Albany landfill deal has a funny odor

    Like a junkie in need of a fi x — in this case the addiction is cash — Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings will stop at nothing in his quest to get yet another lease on life at the city’s Rapp Road landfill.     Never mind that Jennings has been told more than once to forget it

Action Alert! No dump in the Pine Bush!

January 25, 2006 Dear Pine Bush Supporters: Mayor Jennings has proposed to take land dedicated to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve as forever wild out of the Preserve for the landfill expansion. We need to stop this now, and the only way to do it is for many people to call Assemlbyman Jack McEneny and

No dump in the Pine Bush!

ALBANY — The city wants to expand its rapidly filling dump onto 10 acres it had already dedicated to the Pine Bush Preserve. "We hope that people would be reasonable and know what we are up against," Mayor Jerry Jennings told the Times Union editorial board on Wednesday. "I know some people are going to

Save the Pine Bush Comments on Proposed Hotel

written by Lynne Jackson << Previous More Information Next>> April 29, 2005 Richard Nicholson Historic Preservation Planner City of Albany Department of Development and Planning 12 Lodge Street Albany, NY 12207 RE: Residence Inn Draft Environmental Impact Statement VIA FACSIMILE: 434-9846 Dear Mr. Nicholson: Save the Pine Bush is extremely concerned about the Draft Environmental

Developer Responses on Proposed Hotel

by Lynne Jackson ALBANY: Responding to a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the City of Albany over the proposed hotel in the Pine Bush, Judge Stephen A. Ferradino ruled in favor of Save the Pine Bush, giving all the plaintiffs standing. Steven Downs brought this case on behalf of Save the Pine Bush. Standing