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What Can People Do With Their Garbage?

ALBANY: Debbie Jackson, who works in solid waste reduction and recycling for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, gave real, concrete, specific suggestions for how each of us can reduce the amount of waste we produce at the June Save the Pine Bush Vegan/Vegetarian Lasagna Dinner at the First Presbyterian Church in Albany. Open dumps What Can People Do With Their Garbage?

The Solution to the Garbage Problem

by Lynne Jackson ALBANY: Resa Dimino, Special Assistant in the DEC Commissioner’s Policy Office spoke about Solid Waste Management Planning at the July SPB dinner at the First Presbyterian Church. Resa Dimino is leading the effort to develop a new State Solid Waste Management Plan in New York State. Her talk focused on the planning The Solution to the Garbage Problem

What to do with the Garbage

ALBANY: The City of Albany has a serious problem: where to throw the garbage. If the City follows the law, and does the right thing, they will not be able to expand the current landfill in the Pine Bush. City officials all seem to want to do the right thing, except when it comes to What to do with the Garbage

Coeymens Debates Importing Garbage

by Tom Ellis   In 2005, SPB joined forces with the Citizens Environmental Coalition (CEC) and Selkirk-Ravena-Coeymans Against Pollution (SCRAP)  to successfully block the siting of a large regional landfill by the city of Albany on a 363-acre parcel Albany now owns in the town of Coeymans (ten miles south of Albany).  Now a new struggle is unfolding.  Coeymens Debates Importing Garbage

No dump in the Pine Bush!

For Immediate Release:  January 25, 2006 For Further Information, contact Lynne Jackson ALBANY, NY — Mayor Jennings’ new landfill proposal is just as bad as his last proposal, only his new proposal may mean the end of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Mayor Jennings proposes to take 10 acres from the forever wild Albany Pine No dump in the Pine Bush!