Happy Birthday, Founding Volunteer, Lynne Jackson! Thank you for all you do to Save the Pine Bush! 🦋

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Save the Pine Bush

In celebration of the centenary of Vladimir Nabokov’s birth, Kurt Johnson and Steve Coats wrote Nabokov’s Blues, about Nabokov’s passion for butterflies and scientific investigations into blue butterflies. Our own Karner Blue butterfly has its own chapter called “Dancing with Fire” in the book. Here is a brief excerpt which describes Nabokov’s feelings for the Save the Pine Bush

Letters to Save the Pine Bush

Letters to Save the Pine Bush   Letters to Save the Pine Bush Here is a sampling of letters written to Save the Pine Bush and some responses written by Lynne Jackson: From: rngeorge@gw.dec.state.ny.us (Richard Georgeson) To: pinebush@aol.com To Lynne Jackson:   Lynne – In your history of Save the Pine Bush section of your Letters to Save the Pine Bush

Dan McCoy Speaks at Save the Pine Bush

by Tom Ellis   ALBANY, NY: At the March 16 SPB dinner, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy spoke about Environmental Accomplishments and the Agenda for the Future.   Mr. McCoy began with, “There is so much we’ve done” and “You’re organization — Save the Pine Bush — has been the rock of our community.”  Mr. Dan McCoy Speaks at Save the Pine Bush

Save the Pine Bush

Summarized by Grace Nichols ALBANY: At the May Save the Pine Bush lasgana dinner at the First Presbyterian Church, NY State Wildlife Pathologist Ward Stone gave a talk summarizing our recent discoveries of pesticide use in the Pine Bush by both the City of Albany at the Rapp Road Landfill and Pine Bush Police and Save the Pine Bush

Save the Pine Bush

  ALBANY: Bert Schou, Save the Pine Bush volunteer, took some amazing photos of the Rapp Road leachate flowing out of a pipe coming from the landfill into the southern arm of Lake Rensselaer. The photos, taken in early May, show the bright orange color of the stream. One photo shows a frog trying to Save the Pine Bush

Save the Pine Bush

The Army Corps of Engineers extended the comment period on their review of the wetlands that will be destroyed if the proposed landfill in the Pine Bush is constructed. Bert wrote an excellent letter outlining many of the problems of expanding the landfill. The deadline for comments was March 5 and the letter was sent Save the Pine Bush